Woodworker Business Insurance Risk

Owning your own woodworker business means you also take on a lot of risk associated with the trade. Your business involves working with hazardous and flammable glues and finishes as well as electrical machinery that can generate sparks. You may work in one business location or you may conduct work in the homes of customers.

When working on a customer’s property, you or an employee of your business may be accused of damaging property or you could injure a customer while using your woodworking tools. The correct insurance policy will protect your woodworker business from all claims involving property damage, bodily injury or even business property-a must for your business.

Woodworker Insurance

insurance for woodworkers

As a woodworker, insurance specifically, woodworker business insurance is a significant part of your business. Not just for the business expense. It is for the peace of mind it gives you in case you ever run into times of trouble.

As a true artisan, carrying out the work of craftsmen, you want to create your pieces without having to worry about losing your business, your livelihood or even all of your personal assets. Appropriate insurance coverage allows you to work unencumbered by those types of concerns. There are four major insurance policies to consider when deciding how you will protect your business. They are woodworker general liability, business owner, workers comp and building insurance policies.

Woodworker General Liability Insurance

When you go into business, you are all of a sudden exposed not just to your own work but possibly to the work of employees, not to mention to the whims and vagaries of customers. Being the target of a lawsuit is something you want to be protected from with rock-solid insurance that understands the exposures a woodworker has when it comes to liability. Make sure your legal costs, court expenses and especially any settlements or judgments will be covered. You also might be surprised about how many people this GL policy covers.
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Woodworker Business Owners Insurance

The power of the BOP (Business Owners Policy) is the power of combining. This policy includes all of the liability coverages mentioned above plus property and a list of other valuable coverages such as loss of business income, equipment breakdowns as well as damage to or loss of tools. Receive the power of policy protections geared toward artisans such as yourself in one easy to manage insurance package.
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Woodworker Workers Compensation Insurance

If you have employees, you must have workers compensation insurance to be in compliance with state and federal regulations. The good news is that workers compensation covers just about any situation related to an employee injury. From hospital costs to loss of wages to vocational rehab, this workers comp policy will not only give you but give your valued employees peace of mind in the event that an accident occurs.
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Woodworker Building Insurance

Are you a woodworker and a property owner? If so, does that property include detached structures on your land? Then, you might want to consider woodworkers building insurance. It covers you in the event of any damages that may occur to those appurtenances (as they are called) including any charges your local fire department may bill you for! Make sure all of your property is appropriately protected against any mayhem that it may encounter.
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Woodworker Commercial Auto Insurance

Your personal auto insurance will not cover you or anyone who works for your business when it comes to driving a vehicle for the job.  For example, if you were transporting a cabinet in your SUV to a customer and got into an accident, your personal policy would probably not cover it. The commercial auto takes care of the increased liability risks inherent in your daily business operations.
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Policy Additions And Endorsements/Buy Backs

  • Installation Coverage
  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
  • Multi-Unit Residential Structures New
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Schools & Recreation Facilities
  • Hospital Project Work
  • Contractual Liability
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