Woodworker General Liability Risks

Woodworker liability insurance has come a long way since the craft of producing cabinets individually (as opposed to mass production) began to flourish again in the mid-18th century as almost in defiance to the items just being mass produced during that time period.

People appreciate then as well as now the different styles (Rustic, Scandinavian and Shaker to name a few) as well as the extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into your artisan craft. General Liability insurance for the woodworker likewise has to meet the demands of the risks and exposures you face as you ply your trade. The insurance protects you from many hazards some you may not even be aware of.

Woodworker General Liability Insurance

liability insurance policy for wood shops

Liability can be a scary word because when used in the insurance sense, it sets blame. And those who take risks (like woodworkers) are more apt to be found liable for an unintentional situation that may cause damage to an individual or property. You should be protected from that so the consequences do not cause you to lose all your assets or your livelihood.

If you are ever found liable or have to defend yourself against a lawsuit related to your woodworker business, general liability insurance covers expenses that may arise. These include the costs your attorney submits and just about any other reasonable expenses incurred in defending you.

You may be surprised to learn that anyone who does work for your cabinet making business is covered by this general liability insurance.  In addition to yourself, this encompasses employees, partners and even your spouse. If a lawsuit is brought against them for anything they did while officially working for you, the general liability policy covers them for the following:

Bodily Injury

If someone wandering in your shop gets hurt, this liability policy is there to take care of medical expenses, lost wages and any lawsuit that may be brought against your company.

Property Damage

If someone who works for you inadvertently damages the property of another, this coverage will pay for the repair/replacement of that property.

Medical Payments

Medical payments are paid out on injuries that are more minor in nature and therefore do not incur large expenses. The limits are usually $5,000.

Personal and Advertising Injury

If you mistakenly slander or libel a competitor or another business or use the slogan of another company and get sued, this liability insurance coverage will take care of it.

Products and Completed Operations

Woodworker's general liability insurance will be there if one of your cabinets, for example, is after the fact, found to be defective in any way and causes damages. Any claims stemming from that will be taken care of under this section of the policy.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

If the facility you’re renting (including garages) to create your cabinets catches fire, this will protect you from any damage you might be held liable for. This is subject to the “damage to premises rented by you” limit in the standard commercial general liability insurance policy.

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