Window Installer Workers Comp Risks

Window installer workers comp insurance policy is there for your company and your employee if s/he is injured or gets ill from a job-related incident. Of course, you’re first and foremost concerned about the welfare of your most precious asset—your workers. But the costs to your business (losing productivity and possibly having to hire replacement workers) that result from an employee getting hurt on the job strongly impacts your window installer company.

The idea is to prevent workplace injuries and help you get those employees who get ill or hurt back to work as soon as possible. You also want to make sure the policy covers the statutory obligation you have to your state regarding workers comp insurance.

Window Installer Workers Compensation Insurance

workers comp coverage for window installation

Other than independent contractors (and you better check how your state defines independent contractors) anyone who works for you is covered by the window installer workers comp insurance policy. The policy covers injuries that occur in the workplace as well as certain occupational hazard illnesses. Following are what the policy provides:

Medical Care

Unlimited medical care is paid for in all states (though there might be cost constraints put on some treatment because of medical fee schedules). In addition, many states allow employees to use managed care coverage like Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). However the treatment is delivered and the medical care coverage is designed to be pretty much all-encompassing.

First Aid Treatment

Immediate first aid treatment may be needed in the case of a severe injury. If that happens, the cost of that treatment including supplies will be paid for by workers comp insurance .

Temporary Disability

Employees can be classed as temporarily disabled after a waiting period of usually three to seven days. After that period, most states pay out a percentage of the average weekly wage that gets applied retroactively to the date of the injury. The amount paid out is also subject to minimums and maximums.

Permanent Disability

Permanent disability is an extension of temporary disability and usually requires the employee to be examined to see if s/he qualifies for this benefit.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services are provided by all states with the goal of returning the stricken worker to productive employment status. This could include treatment, medication and even re-training so that the employee can return to work.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

The workers compensation insurance is for an employee who, because of an on-the-job injury, cannot perform that job any longer. It will provide him/her with all the education needed to become a productive employee again, just not at the same position. Services paid for generally include job placement, job counseling and vocational training. Costs cover tuition, books and other related items.

Death Benefits

Death benefits may be paid to the survivors of an employee whose job related injury results in death. Two types of benefits are paid. One is a burial allowance and the other is weekly income paid to surviving dependents.  For example, a surviving spouse might get two-thirds pay for life or until s/he remarries.

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