Window Installer Insurance Risks

Window installer business insurance should be purchased as carefully as you buy any other commodity you need to make your business function smoothly. That’s because it’s a business expense, it’s needed to obtain work and is crucial to the long term security of your company. Window installer insurance that can truly be called comprehensive offers you the availability of liability, business owner, workers compensation and commercial auto coverages.

A good overall choice, one that will cover all of your main exposures, is purchasing the BOP, workers comp and commercial auto. For most businesses these three policies will form a solid insurance program that will protect your business for years to come.

Window Installer General Liability Insurance

window installation contractor insurance

A general liability insurance policy by itself offers a wide variety of coverages and protections. Often, if your business faces a lawsuit, liability is the area that will be the source of it. Someone getting hurt in your shop; or you damaging the property of another in the course of working; or a window being found defective after the job is complete are all examples of situations where you could be found liable. If you are found liable and the claimant sues you, you never know what could happen. All you know is that you need the most professional, competent assistance that you can get.
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Window Installer Business Owners Insurance

The business owner's insurance policy advantage is that it covers you for both property and general liability insurance claims. Combine it with the workers comp and commercial auto insurance policies and you have a powerful and effective insurance package protecting your window installation firm. The policy is also affordable and offers a number of additional coverages and endorsements that you might see as attractive options for your business.
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Window Installer Workers Comp Insurance

Maybe because workers comp insurance is required by state law but it thoroughly covers an employee who is hurt or falls ill because of a job related incident. It is priced by the type of employee, the amount of payroll you have and the number and severity of the claims your business incurs over time. To some extent, especially if you use risk prevention strategies and endeavor to get the employee back to work as soon as possible, you can control a portion of your premium.
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Window Installer Commercial Auto Insurance

Your personal auto policy will not cover you if you’re transporting windows to a job site in your SUV and are involved in an accident. The same goes for your employees. If they do work for you while driving their cars, they are not covered by their personal auto policies. The commercial auto insurance policy is designed to handle the increased exposure that comes with using vehicles on the job.
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Policy Additions And Endorsements/Buy Backs

  • Installation Coverage
  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
  • Multi-Unit Residential Structures New
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Schools & Recreation Facilities
  • Hospital Project Work
  • Contractual Liability
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