Window Installer Liability Insurance Risk

Liability insurance for window installers is an essential part of your business. The hazards are many for your profession which increases the risk that something will happen that you might be found liable for.

If you are found liable for an incident and you’re holding sub-par general liability insurance or worse yet, no liability insurance, the financial loss could damage your business to the point of no return. You could even lose your personal assets. This liability policy is tailored to your profession and covers key areas that could be the source of a lawsuit against your company.

Window Installer General Liability Insurance

commercial liability policy for window installers

The specific expenses this liability insurance policy will cover includes any costs that the court assesses, all of the fees your attorney bills you for, any court mandated bond you have to put up and the cost of any financial settlement or judgment that you become responsible for paying.

The limits for this policy are stated by incident and by an aggregate of incidents. Make sure you have enough limits to protect your assets.

General liability insurance protects your business from the following situations:

Bodily Injury

If someone gets hurt while in or around your shop like a slip and fall and incurs an injury because of it, bodily injury (or BI as it is sometimes called) will take care of any damages. This could include medical costs and loss of income if the injury prevents him/her from earning. It will also cover any of the costs that arise if a lawsuit is filed against you because of the incident.

Property Damage

If you damage the property of another while doing your work as a window installer, the property damage (PD) portion of the liability policy will kick in. It will pay for the repair or replacement of the property as well as any expense associated with the loss of use of that property, if applicable.

Medical Payments

Available beginning at a $5,000 limit, the general liability insurance policy will pay for medical expenses for any non-employee who gets hurt on your premises or in an incident related to your window installation business. The difference between this and BI is that you do not have to found legally liable for this coverage to immediately pay out.

Personal and Advertising Injury

General liability insurance comes into play if you get sued because someone claims you’re responsible for libel, or slander; that you put out defamatory or disparaging material; that you caused invasion of the right to privacy or initiated another covered incident against their business.

Products and Completed Operations

Unless specifically excluded, you will be protected from claims that may be generated against a window you installed or the window installation service itself.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

General liability insurance policy will pay out up to the limits if you are found legally liable for any damages to any property you rent or occupy. The damages must result from a covered peril (fire, lightning or explosion, for example.)

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