Welder General Liability Risks

Operating your welder business without general liability insurance is putting you at risk of losing everything. Even when you are not at fault for a liability claim, you still must expend time and effort defending yourself. This requires legal fees and time away from the client contracts that earn your company’s income.

General liability insurance for welders is designed to help you deal with common legal and financial claims that arise against small businesses. Competitors may attempt to sue you for slander, a finished product that you provided may contain materials that are recalled, or a customer may simply injure themselves at your jobsite. Without this critical coverage, you’ll struggle to deal with these issues if they arise.

Welder General Liability Insurance

welder liability insurance key coverges

Liability is a phrase that means someone is responsible for something. General Liability (GL) insurance for welders is meant to protect you from liability specific claims, whether you are actually responsible for whatever is claimed.

Mobile welder liability insurance is critical to the financial health and success of your company, because claims of fault can come from many different directions. Customers may claim you or your work harmed them in some way. Competing companies or suppliers may claim that you harmed them by using materials in your advertising that made them look bad. When these and similar issues arise, welder general liability insurance helps pay for the related expenses.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury claims arise regularly in almost any type of business. If a customer visits your work location and is overwhelmed by exhaust fumes from your generator for example, they may file a lawsuit against you for those injuries. Welder liability insurance can help pay for the legal expenses involved with defending yourself, and help pay for any judgments that are awarded to the customer. Without a GL policy, you would have to pay the legal fees and the judgment awards out of company funds.

Property Damage

Regardless of how careful you are, accidents can happen. If you accidentally damage the shop wall when you’re moving a bulky piece of metal, the owner of that building is going to expect you to pay for the repairs. If you damage it enough, you may be expected to replace it entirely. There can even be a lawsuit filed if the damages cause the shop owner to sustain other types of damages to equipment on the other side of the wall. Welder general liability insurance can cover the cost of repairs or replacement, as well as take care of any legal fees or fines that arise so you don’t have to.

Medical Payments

Sometimes a customer, supplier or other person gets minor injuries that they feel is the fault of you, your company or your equipment. When these injuries are minor, your mobile welder liability insurance can cover basic costs such as emergency medical care. This is often received favorably by the person injured and helps prevent a full lawsuit or ongoing medical expenses.

Personal and Advertising Injury

If someone claims that you injured them personally, with slanderous or libel statements for example, they can sue your welder company for restitution. Similar claims can arise with your advertising. Someone might claim that your advertisements were misleading, or they may file a lawsuit because they believe you infringed on their intellectual property rights. Whether you are guilty of these things or not, you will spend time and money defending yourself. Welder liability insurance shields you from the potential financial hardships that can arise by paying for these defenses for you. If any judgments or fines are levied, general liability can pay for those as well.

Products and Completed Operations

Mobile welder general liability insurance protects you in the event that something goes wrong with previous products and services you’ve rendered. If you use welding rods that are later recalled due to impurities in the metal for example, you could be held legally responsible if your welds do not hold.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

The office and shop locations that you use for your primary place of business can have things happen to them unexpectedly. An employee may damage the wall or an apprentice may accidently get his mix wrong and start a fire. Welder liability insurance takes care of the resulting costs to repair or replace premises damages if they arise.

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