Roofer Workers Compensation Risks

Not only is roofer workers comp insurance an important part of your insurance plan, the insurance is required by law if you have any employees. Also, workers comp for a roofer is a valuable insurance protection because it does protect you in the event of employee injury while also taking care of the employees expenses. How does it protect you? The workers comp policy eliminates the fear that a tragic accident could transform into a situation that could take away your business and even your personal assets.

Workers compensation insurance coverage is very broad. It covers many conditions that can arise from a workplace injury.

Roofer Workers Compensation Insurance

workers comp quote for roofers

Designed as an all-encompassing policy, workers comp insurance covers just about anyone who works “in the service of another”, in any kind of contract for hire situation, oral or written.

Medical Care

The purpose of insurance in general is to make the injured party as s/he was prior to the incident. One of the main ways to do that for workers comp is through medical care.  Medical care coverage means doctor’s visits, hospital charges, medication, emergency room transportation, physical therapy and rehab are all covered.

First Aid Treatment

Often, if someone is injured on the job, immediate first aid needs to be rendered. If that happens and any expenses are incurred, you can submit a claim to get reimbursed for them.

Temporary Disability

It is not uncommon for an employee to miss work because of an injury. This part of the policy will pay for any lost wages incurred by the injured party.  It is subject to minimum and maximum amounts allowed by state law and is paid out while the employee is injured or ill (determined by a physician) for a period of up to four years. Benefits are set at two-thirds of the average weekly pay and are not subject to federal, state, social security and medical taxes.

Permanent Disability

Unfortunately, a job-related injury or illness sometimes causes an employee to become permanently disabled to where s/he cannot perform the job at all. This workers comp insurance will provide permanent disability benefits if the employee is qualified. Two of the factors that are used to qualify are how bad the injury is and how much it prevents the employee from earning in the future.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehab is designed to get the employee back to a state where s/he can work again. It is usually a combination of therapy and other treatments to the afflicted areas.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

When an employee cannot do their usual job but can still work, this insurance coverage provides educational training to help the employee get prepared to work at other types of jobs. It generally covers all costs associated with additional schooling.

Death Benefits

Dependents as defined by the state law, are entitled to weekly cash benefits if the employee passes away because of the injury. These benefits might also cover funeral costs and other expenses incurred because of the death.

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