Road Paving Contractor Workers Comp Risks

Having employees on the company payroll brings a combination of both risk and reward. Additional people working together improve profit potential while freeing you up to take care of other business needs. Even the best employees can become ill in relation to the work they’re doing however, and injuries happen with surprising regularity. As the employer, you are responsible for making sure those workers are cared for properly when these issues arise. You must train them with the proper safety practices, provide the proper equipment and tools, and console the immediate family when accidents turn fatal.

Road Paving Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

road paving crew workers comp quote

Road paving contractor workers comp insurance is commercial insurance protection for the company and each of the employees it has on staff. Best known for providing medical care and legal recourse to employees when they’re injured on the job, workers comp insurance has many benefits designed to protect and help the employer as well. From legal liability protection to coverage for third party suits to fraud investigation, road paving contractor workers comp insurance is something you should not try going without.

Lost Wages and Medical Care – Workers that get hurt while performing duties related to their job are able to receive the emergency first aid treatment or medical care they need when covered under your road paving contractor workers comp insurance. Benefits include payments for treatments, follow up care, medications, temporary or permanent disability, vocational rehabilitation and death benefits.

Business Travel Protection – If your road paving crews must travel out of the state your business operates from, road paving contractor workers comp insurance can be extended to ensure they’re covered in these offsite locations if an accident or illness occurs.

Employer’s Liability – Road paving contractor workers comp insurance does not require your employees to prove that your company is at fault for an illness or accident when they file a claim. If, however, they do choose to file additional legal actions against you for liability, your policy helps pay for your legal defense costs. When applicable it will also pay for amounts awarded legally to the employee if they win their legal case, and these benefits can sometimes extend to protect you when the employee’s family member or another affected third party files legal claims against you for employee injuries or illnesses.

Employer’s Liability in Monopolistic States – If your business operates in a state that requires you to acquire road paving contractors workers comp insurance through the state fund, injury claims from your workers will be filed with the state. Your coverage can automatically adjust to this by providing employer liability protection if you’d like it added on. So if you’re sued above and beyond what the state workers comp coverage provides, your road paving contractors workers comp insurance covers it.

Legal Expense – With road paving contractor workers comp insurance, your legal costs will be paid for if an employee files a claim of liability against you. This coverage helps pay for investigating the claims, paying for your legal defense, and paying settlements that may be awarded by the court.

Third Party Suits – When employees come to physical harm at work, they may decide that a third party is liable for their injuries. Third parties may be manufacturers or tools and equipment for example, that the employee feels was malfunctioning due to a fault of the manufacturing company. When employees sue a third party, that company may in turn sue your company if they feel that something in your operations was the cause of the malfunction instead. If the legal action comes out in their favor against you, road paving contractor workers comp insurance pays the amounts awarded. Similar third party suits might be ones that are filed by family members who claim wrongful death or dismemberment.

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