Road Paving Contractor Insurance Risk

Owning a road paving contractor business carries a number of day-to-day risks. Many of these risks may be your responsibility to deal with when they arise, whether you are at fault for what happens or not. As a contracting professional, you end up being the go to person when problems need resolution. Even if those problems are created by a customer losing his balance on the slippery floor of your retail space, or a pedestrian touching freshly poured hot asphalt, both are likely to expect your company to resolve the problems that arose from those events. Road paving contractor insurance is designed to help.

Road Paving Contractor Insurance

commercial insurance road paving contractor

Road paving contractors like you have to juggle many things at once. You have the company image to protect, marketing and advertising needs, employees to satisfy, vehicles and equipment to maintain and profits to be made. At any given point in a day you’re likely to have all sorts of minor issues cropping up that need to be dealt with. Despite how great you are at taking care of so much at once, there is no guarantee that you can handle each and every thing that happens. Road paving contractor insurance is the answer for all of the minor and major events that often occur without warning that might otherwise wipe out your business in an instant.

Road Paving Contractor General Liability Insurance

Road paving contractor liability insurance takes care of all the little unfortunate events that you can’t really foresee and avoid beforehand. An innocent bystander gets burned because a gust of wind blows hot asphalt in his direction at just the wrong time maybe, or a competitor sues you because they think you said something bad about them within earshot of a big potential client. When people blame you for injuries or damages to their property, this is the business insurance coverage you’ll need.
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Road Paving Contractor Business Owners Insurance

Road paving contractor business owners insurance gives you a combined level of business protection that can be configured to meet your unique needs. A business owners policy (BOP) will provide you with the same level of benefits and protection that a general liability policy will, and it adds another level of protection specifically for your company’s physical assets. The tangible asset section of this policy is ideal for those times that you find yourself facing equipment breakdowns, claims of employee dishonesty, loss of critical computer data or building damages in a storm.
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Road Paving Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

Road paving contractor workers comp insurance is critical coverage for your company from the minute you hire your first employee. Whether you have one administrative assistant who schedules jobs for you or you have multiple road crews in different locations at all times, this road paving contractor insurance stands by your side. When accidents happen to the employees, or when the staff get ill due to materials they’re handling on the job, this coverage pays for a myriad of costs that often rise quickly. From emergency first aid treatment to extended hospital stays or even disability, workers comp is the coverage you need.
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Road Paving Contractor Commercial Auto Insurance

Road paving contractor auto insurance is important risk protection that your company needs, particularly if you have multiple road crews driving from one job site to another. Even the best drivers can end up in an auto accident when they drive frequently, and the expenses involved with recovering from that can be steep. Protect your company from accidents caused by uninsured motorists, ensure your crew’s hospital bills will be paid if they’re injured in the accident and make sure your company’s tools and equipment can be repaired or replaced without your business taking a huge financial hit.
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