Road Paving Contractor GL Risks

Liability is a fault or a blame for things that may come up on a daily basis. When someone holds you liable, you normally must pay a variety of legal fees to defend yourself. If the court finds you are at fault for the claim against you, there are often additional expenses you’ll have to pay such as judgment awards, settlements and court fees. The types of liability claims you may find yourself dealing with range from personal physical injuries to copyright violations to problems that arise with work you completed in the past.

Road Paving Contractor General Liability Insurance

general liability policy for road paving

Road paving contractor liability insurance is the foundation level of commercial insurance your company should carry. Unlike most business insurance policies, general liability (GL) covers you from unknown events instead of only those that are specifically written into your policy. This tends to be particularly useful when someone makes a claim against your company for something you never would have thought of in advance.

General liability insurance for road paving contractors covers almost anyone who acts on behalf of your company. This includes employees, directors, board members and in some cases the spouses of such. The primary types of things this coverage pays for includes:

  • Monetary judgments and awards that courts asses against you when you’re found to be at fault for something that caused injuries or property damages.
  • Reasonable and standard expenses that are generated during the course of defending yourself against claims. Expenses might include lawyer consultations, witness expenses and court filing fees.
  • Medical costs associated with acquiring emergency or ongoing treatment for an injured party.
  • Repair or replacement costs for property that is damaged.

Special Liability Coverages Include:

Bodily Injury: If someone is physically injured at your place of business or on one of your job sites, road paving contractor liability insurance pays for the professional care and treatment they’ll need. This includes the cost of doctor’s visits, hospital emergency care, medication costs and related expenses that arose due to the injury.

Property Damage: If someone with your company is believed to have caused damage to another person’s property, you may be held responsible for fixing the property. You may even be expected to pay a given amount of money equivalent to the person’s loss of use for the property in question. General liability insurance will pay for the use losses as well as for the repair or replacement of the damaged property.

Product-Completed Operations: If the materials you use to patch a pothole are later found to be defective, or if your roller didn’t pack the materials tightly enough and the patch doesn’t hold, your customer will likely file a lawsuit against you. Road paving contractors general liability insurance pays for claims against products you’ve previously sold and services rendered for completed contracts if problems crop up later.

Personal and Advertising Injuries: Advertising injury claims can arise from the belief that you used trademarked or copyrighted materials without authorization. Personal injury claims arise when a competitor or third party believe you caused them to lose income or credibility because of something you said or did publically. Both of these types of claims can put you on the receiving end of expensive legal action. Claims like these can be handled by your general liability insurance policy.

Damages to Facilities/Space Rented to You: When you rent or lease space for your business use, you will be expected to take care of any damages that result in your use of the space. Rented and leased areas might include fenced storage yards where you park the company vehicles, garages that house your paving tools and equipment, or office space for your purchase orders, invoices and scheduling paperwork.

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