Pool Cleaner Workers Compensation Risks

Should one of your employees suffer from an injury while at work, pool cleaner workers comp insurance provides them with everything they need including medical treatment, payment for time lost and disability. Before workers compensation existed, the only way for an injured employee to get help with their expenses was to sue their employer which could mean financial ruin for your business. Workers compensation replaced legal liability with no-fault insurance so employees with illnesses or injuries related to work can get necessary treatment without having to prove in court that the employer is at fault. Workers compensation is legally required in most states and it protects you from lawsuits.

Pool Cleaner Workers Compensation Insurance

workers comp for pool cleaner

Workers compensation laws were put in place to protect people who are injured or disabled on the job as well as those who become ill as a direct result of work. These laws ensure that they are provided with monetary compensation so that the need for litigation is eliminated. Benefits cover medical costs, lost wages and more. Dependents of workers who are killed due to work-related accidents or illnesses are also protected. Because most states require you carry this type of coverage, you should have a pool cleaner workers comp insurance plan in place.

Lost Wages and Medical Care

This insurance policy provides tax free payments to help replace lost wages for your employees who lose wages due to illness or injury related to the job such as a fall, repetitive motions or exposure to chemicals. It also covers all reasonable and necessary medical treatment for your employee’s injury or illness. Generally, injuries suffered while traveling to and from work are not considered to have arisen out of and in the course of employment.

Business Travel Protection

If any of your employees travel outside of the state for business-related activities, this insurance policy extends coverage to those employees while they are away. It is important to note that most other insurance companies don’t offer this out-of-state coverage.

Employer's Liability

This part of the insurance policy provides you with the necessary protection should you cause a work-related accident resulting an employee injury that is not covered under the workers compensation system. Employer’s liability is necessary because though an employee doesn’t have to prove you were responsible for the injury in order to receive compensation, they may still sue you for additional damages.

Employer's Liability in Monopolistic States

Monopolistic states have control over workers compensation benefits. Because there is no open market, if one of your employees is injured in one of these states, they could file a workers compensation claim. Under this insurance policy, you are provided with employer’s liability coverage which pays for expenses and damages should you be sued in one of the monopolistic states.

Legal Expenses

Businesses are becoming more and more litigious because of new legislation every year. Additionally, employees are more aware of their rights and even if an allegation is false, it is still necessary for your business to defend its position. Unfortunately, this inevitably results in legal expenses. This insurance policy protects you and your business against potential legal disputes and provides legal advice and representation.

Third-Party Suits

It is possible that an injured employee can sue a third party for injuries and that third party may then sue you. For instance, if your employee uses pool equipment on the job that results in an injury, that employee may sue the equipment manufacturer for malfunction that caused the accident and injury. The equipment manufacturer may then decide to sue you, claiming that you did not train the employee adequately or maintain the equipment properly. Under this insurance policy, you would be protected against such claims.

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