Plumbing Contractor Insurance Risks

Running a plumbing contractor company without the proper types, levels and amounts of plumber insurance puts you at great risks every day. Without the protection of various business insurance policies, you and your company will be left to fend for yourself legally and financially when trouble comes. If you break something at the client’s house, you’ll have to pay for it out of your own pocket. If a competitor sues you for alleged trademark violations, you’ll have to cover all the legal costs to defend yourself while also covering income losses that are caused by you having to spend time in court. These are just a few of the ways you put yourself at high risk by not carrying plumber insurance.

Plumbing Contractor Business Insurance

Professional Plumber Insurance

Plumber business insurance is protection that no professional plumbing contractor should attempt to go without. Plumbers insurance is specifically configured according to the needs of your company, so that you can be sure you’re covered when bad things happen. Whether you caused a problem with your actions or with your lack of actions, or you’re simply accused of being the cause of problems, you will find the fallout much less stressful when you have professional insurance coverage to help you through. When running a professional plumbing contractor company, there are plenty of ways problems can arise. From simple auto accidents as you’re driving between jobs to a customer claiming that you damaged the wall when you were installing pipes, plumber business insurance has you covered in multiple ways.

Plumbing Contractor General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for plumbers allows you to rest easy when inevitable accidents or unexpected problems arise. Customers may get hurt while visiting your retail location or competitors may claim that you said something that tarnished their brand. Maybe an employee cracks a customer’s sink when tightening a pipe or maybe there are damages to your leased retail space. Whatever the claim, general liability insurance is the foundational coverage your company needs.
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Plumbing Contractor Business Owners Insurance

A business owners policy (BOP) for plumbers gives you all the peace of mind that comes with a general liability policy while adding important coverage for your business assets. This type of plumber business insurance is particularly useful for protecting company assets such as inventory, tools, equipment, buildings and even computer data files. It’s also handy in the unfortunate event that one of your employee’s does something dishonest.
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Plumbing Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is for plumbers who employ other people. This coverage pays your employees’ medical and hospital costs if they get hurt on the job, and takes care of temporary or permanent disability, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits where applicable. It helps you as an employer by providing safety training or audits, and protects you against possible fraud or abuse of the workers compensation coverage.
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Plumbing Contractor Commercial Auto

Since plumbers travel extensively in vehicles to provide their services to customers, commercial auto insurance is smart coverage to have. This policy is configurable so that it can provide you with a wide range of services. Like consumer based policies, it can protect you from uninsured drivers. It provides coverage for potential liability if you’re deemed to be the cause of an accident. It pays for the cost of emergency medical care for you and any passengers you may have in the vehicle with you and it can pay for the expenses incurred for property damages too. Depending upon your policy configuration, commercial auto insurance for plumbers can also protect you against equipment and tool losses, vandalism, and damages caused by storms.
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Policy Additions And Endorsements/Buy Backs

  • Installation Coverage
  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
  • Multi-Unit Residential Structures New
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Schools & Recreation Facilities
  • Hospital Project Work
  • Contractual Liability
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