Plumber General Liability Insurance Risks

Despite the value and knowledge that you bring to customers and potential clients, there is always a measure of risk involved with running your business. Customers might visit your store to chat about the best set up for reducing their home water usage and accidentally slip on your freshly mopped floor, resulting in expensive and time consuming legal actions. Or maybe your wrench slips while you’re clearing a clogged drain at a customer’s home and you crack the porcelain toilet. These types of accidents can cost you a lot of time, money and frustration if you’re not protected with general liability (GL) insurance.

Plumber General Liability Insurance

general liability for plumbers

You’re the expert in pipes and plumbing. Customers call you at two a.m. because the pipes burst or when they’re in a panic because the sink is clogged and they have guests coming over in mere hours. As a professional plumber, you’re a hero in emergencies and you’re the go to person when someone needs to know whether they should buy PVC pipes or copper. You probably give a lot of training and advice too, when someone asks you about gray water management and septic tank sizing. When accidents happen though, you can quickly become the target of responsibility.

Plumber Liability Insurance Covers These Expenses:

  • Legal expenses such as attorney and legal counsel fees, court costs, costs associated with obtaining witnesses and documentation relevant to your case, and other reasonable costs and expenses that are relevant to defending yourself against legal liability claims.
  • Settlements, fines or legal judgments that are ordered when you are found liable for a claim.

Who is Protected?

General liability insurance for plumbing contractors protects you as the owner of your company but it can provide coverage for other applicable people as well, such as your employees, executives, company stock holders if the people being sued were acting on behalf of the company when the incident occurred.

Bodily Injury

Plumber liability insurance applies when physical harm comes to someone who is visiting your place of business or at your work location. This section of your plumber business insurance pays court compensations and fees if applicable, pays for the costs of getting the injured person medical care, and the associated related cos ts like physical therapy or progressive treatments.

Property Damage

When someone’s property is damaged due to something your company did or did not do, there will likely be legal actions taken. General liability insurance for plumbing contractors pays for repairs to that property, the costs associated with loss of use, full replacements if needed, and related expenses.

Medical Payments

Plumbers liability insurance covers medical payments that arise from minor injuries, which often helps you avoid further legal action.

Personal and Advertising Injury

If claims are made against your plumbing company regarding your advertising or statements made by you and other representatives – such as intellectual property infringement or slanderous statements – this section of your policy covers those claims.

Products and Completed Operations

When your work or products is deemed to be defective or harmful after the sale or completion of services, plumbers insurance covers those claims and the related resulting issues.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

Spaces that you lease or rent for company purposes are covered if you cause damages.

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