Plumber Business Owners Policy Risks

As the owner of a plumbing contracting company, you are highly likely to encounter many types of risks in your day to day business operations. Whether you plan for accidents and storm damage or not, there is bound to come a time when things happen that you are hard pressed to cover all on your own. A single bad weather event can destroy your office equipment and valuable documents you had stored there, while also damaging the outdoor sign and blowing the roof right off of your workshop. Without BOP insurance for plumbing contractors you’ll be left trying to juggle the combination of expenses and lost income that one event like this can cause.

Plumber Business Owners Insurance

plumber BOP coverage plans

A business owners policy, or BOP, is the best way to ensure all of your business property and tangible assets are protected at the same time your company is covered for general liability claims and issues. BOP insurance for plumbing contractors extends the same protections you receive under a general liability policy to include specific property protections that are necessary for your individual business. You can tailor the options and levels of protection in this policy so that you’re not paying for anything you don’t need.

Coverage Under BOP Insurance for Plumbing Contractors

Everything that is included on a plumbers general liability insurance policy is included in the business owners policy. Additionally you’ll have:

Business Personal Property Coverage

BOP for plumbing contractors provides coverage for your business personal property. Things under this section of your policy include office furnishings, your store inventory, your plumbing tools and machinery, and even your maintenance or cleaning materials.

Building and Structures

The buildings and structures you use for your business purposes can be damaged in a heartbeat, thus interrupting your normal business operations. A big hail storm may punch holes in the roof and a wind storm can take the roof off entirely, leaving all of the assets inside exposed to damage and destruction in addition to the damages your buildings already sustained. BOP insurance for plumbing contractors pays for the ensuing repair needs, and pays to replace the damaged structures if they’re fully destroyed by covered events.

Business Income and Expense Coverage

When crisis happens, it can have a direct effect on your bottom line. Disasters cause you to lose income if your buildings are unavailable due to damage or if your equipment and inventory is destroyed. Extra expenses might arise when you have to temporarily relocate your business operations until repairs are completed. Your plumber BOP insurance policy provides a safety net when the income is reduced or the expenses rise in connection with unexpected events that you’re protected from.

Valuable Papers, Documents and Receivables Coverage

Losing valuable papers and documents, or your accounts receivables when disaster strikes can add extensive additional stress, costs and expense. A plumbers business owners insurance policy helps cover the costs of replacing these valuable documents so that you can continue your normal business operations without encountering additional financial strain.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

No matter how careful you are with your hiring practices, there is always a risk that one of your employees will do something dishonest. Unfortunately there is also the chance that a customer will claim dishonest actions even when your employees did nothing wrong. BOP insurance coverage for plumbing contractors pays the associated legal defense costs you’ll incur when incidents of this sort arise.

Other Important Coverages

BOP insurance for plumbing contractors also protects you from common events such as equipment breakdown, outdoor sign damages, property improvements, new building purchases or acquisitions, loss of electronic data and issues that arise from products you’ve sold or services you’ve previously rendered.

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