Lawn Care Contractor Workers Comp Risks

When your lawn care company has employees on the payroll, you will find that there are many additional risks involved with running your company. As the employer, those employees fully expect you to take care of them if they get hurt while working. Employee injuries happen in simple unexpected ways, but illnesses or diseases can arise due to their job as well. The people you have on the payroll anticipate that you will pay for any medical related expenses that might come up if an accident happens. You may need to pay for first aid care, transportation to a hospital, surgeries, prescription medications, or even disability benefits. When employees experienced severe accidents, they might even need additional help to compensate for the losses in wages.

Lawn Care Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

workers comp plan for lawn contractors

Lawn care workers comp insurance is the coverage you need to ensure your company does not have to pay for all of these expenses alone. If one of your employees is physically harmed while performing his job duties, workers comp insurance takes care of them many different expenses that arise. Medical treatments can get expensive, particularly when the injuries are severe. If an illness is caused and deemed to be a direct result of the work your employee was doing, workers compensation coverage absorbs those costs as well. Your company receives benefits from this policy as well. It protects you from potentially fraudulent claims, defends you against litigation, and pays settlement amounts as needed. Specific provisions in lawn care workers comp insurance include:

Lost Wages and Medical Care - Medical Care and lost wages coverage for your employees. When a work-related injury causes your employee to need time away from work, they are still able to pay their personal bills due to the benefits provided in your lawn care workers comp insurance policy. Likewise, the added expenses that are likely for the treatment of the injury or illness are paid for by the coverage. Medical Care can range from first aid treatment to ongoing care, rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, and permanent or temporary disability.

Business Travel Protection - Lawn care workers comp insurance can provide protection for your employees when they are working away from their normal areas. If your crew needs to travel to a nearby city, or another state, your workers compensation policy can ensure they are protected while they’re there.

Employer’s Liability - An employee can file a claim against workers compensation without having to first try and prove their employer is at fault. When the worker does feel their injury or illness was caused directly by your company, whether something you did or did not do, they may file additional liability lawsuit against you. Lawn care workers comp insurance helps pay your legal fees when cases like this arise, and will pay the judgments if they are awarded by the court.

Employer’s Liability in Monopolistic States - Your company may operate in a state that requires you to obtain workers compensation insurance through their state mandated fund or trust. In the event that an employee is injured and files a claim with the state, your own lawn care workers comp insurance policy can still provide protection against employer liability lawsuits.

Legal Expense - Lawn care workers compensation insurance protects you by paying for the cost of your legal defense if the claim of liability is filed against you. Some of the expenses involved in lawsuits of this sort include court filing fees, documentation and research, investigative fees, payment for a lawyer, and payments of the judgments awarded by the court.

Third Party Suits - A third party lawsuit is one in which your employee sues someone other than your company. Despite being injured while performing their standard job duties for your company, they may blame their injuries or illness on a vendor, manufacturer, or other third party. When your employee files a lawsuit against the outside company, that company may decide to sue your company as well. Sometimes a third party suits is brought by the family of an injured, disabled, or deceased employee.

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