Lawn Care Contractor Insurance Risk

Lawn care companies who operate without the appropriate levels of commercial insurance often find that they are left open to many types of risk. If a customer hurts himself because your employees left tools lying on the ground, or they believe that you caused their prized roses to die, they are likely to file a lawsuit against you. There are also risks that your company vehicle will be involved in an auto accident when traveling from one work site to another. The structure that holds your business inventories and even the office computers that you use to maintain appointments can be damaged or destroyed without notice.

Lawn Care Contractor Insurance

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Lawn care insurance helps protect your company against many types of risks that are inherent to running a business. Regardless of how hard you try, there are always times when things go wrong. Customers may blame you for physical injuries they incur, or for damages to special property they own. Your competitors may file a lawsuit against you with claims that you infringed on their trademark with your advertising. Your employees could get rear ended by an uninsured motorist on their way to a job location. A strong storm may cause tree limbs to fall and create gashes in the wall of your company building. Even a simple thing, such as having important equipment breakdown, can cost you quite a bit in both time and money. There are several types of lawn care insurance options that can help you with these issues.

Lawn Care Contractor General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for lawn care contractors is an important way to make sure you are protected when your customers take legal actions against you. If they blame you for either physical injuries they have incurred or for damages to their personal property, general liability insurance is the protection you need. This coverage pays for a lawyer to defend you in court, it pays many different types of related legal expenses, and it pays if a settlement is awarded for medical bills or property repairs. Keep in mind that liability claims can arise even if you have done nothing wrong. When this happens, you will still need to acquire legal counsel and you will still have multiple types of defense costs.
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Lawn Care Contractor Business Owners Insurance

Business owners insurance for lawn care professionals provides a more comprehensive level of professional protection. A business owners policy provides you with general liability insurance coverage and combines physical asset protection in one policy. A BOP is useful because it can be customized to meet your specific company needs. In addition to providing you with legal defense for injury or property damage related cases, a business owners policy will pay the repair and replacement costs of your physical assets when they are damaged. Physical asset protection includes company property such as your office furnishings and decorations, computers and electronic data, and business buildings.
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Lawn Care Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance might be required by law in your state. This coverage provides benefits to your employees when they have job related accidents that result in injuries. It also covers illnesses and diseases that are found to have been caused by their job. Lawn care workers comp will also protect you as the employer if liability lawsuits are filed against you for worker injuries, or if a disabled or deceased employee’s family files a suit against you.
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Lawn Care Contractor Errors & Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is professional liability coverage for lawn care companies. This differs from general liability coverage in several ways, and is specifically meant to protect you when professional errors or mistakes are made. E&O coverage provides both financial and legal assistance when professional liability claims arise.
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Lawn Care Contractor Commercial Auto Insurance

Providing lawn care services to multiple customers means that you are required to drive extensively. Depending on the size of your company, you may have multiple lawn care crews traveling around every day. You may also personally visit each work site to oversee operations. The more frequently you or your employees must drive, the more likely it is that your company will be involved in a car accident. Commercial auto insurance for lawn care professionals protects you when someone else is at fault for the accident yet they do not carry insurance. It also ensures that the people involved in the accident can get emergency first aid and other medical treatment without having to worry about how the bills will be paid. This coverage can also be configured to protect your vehicles, nonemployee passengers, and tools or equipment that may be on board.
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