Lawn Care Contractor Liability Insurance Risk

Lawn care companies may frequently find themselves facing legal actions from customers, competitors, and other third parties. Common risks your business will encounter include claims that your company or its employees have caused property damages, accusations that a physical injury was caused due to something related to your company, and claims against you for advertising injuries. As your company grows these litigations and accusations may occur more frequently, creating extensive financial hardship for your company. These liability claims arise sometimes through no fault of your own, yet you still must address them.

Lawn Care Contractor General Liability Insurance

lawn care general liability insurance plans

Lawn care liability insurance protects your company when unexpected accidents or events happen. General liability insurance allows you to be covered for general issues. You are not required to have specific events and problems listed on the policy in order for the benefits to apply. GL Insurance provides coverage for events that happened while your policy is active, even if the claim is made later.

Lawn care liability insurance coverage provides protection for each person who acts on behalf of your company. This includes you as the owner, your employees, company board members or other representatives. If a liability claim is made against your company or one of these representatives associated with your company, lawn care liability insurance helps a number of ways:

  • It pays for the financial settlements that are awarded to the plaintiff if you lose your case. Financial judgments may be awarded if your company or its representative is found to be at fault for causing bodily injuries and harm or personal property damages.
  • It pays for standard and reasonable related expenses that are commonly associated with defending yourself legally. Some of the costs that arise include court filing documents or fees, the costs for a professional attorney, and paying for a professional investigator.
  • When judgments are levied against your company or its representatives, lawn care liability insurance will pay for any medical costs associated with physical harm and injuries. Bodily injuries can generate extensive bills for emergency room treatment, Physicians and technicians, or follow up care.
  • Lawn care liability insurance will pay the settlement amounts if they are awarded by the court. Settlements and judgments often arise as a result of your accuser proving their case against you for either personal property damages, or physical harm.

Specific Liability Coverages Include:

Bodily Injury: Physical injuries can happen from the simplest of accidents. When a person receives a physical injury they often need emergency treatment and sometimes ongoing medical care. If they feel their injury was caused by your company, they will expect you to pay the bills that they incur for treatment. Injuries can happen in very unexpected ways. Your customer’s child may trip over a water hose or fall and hit their head on equipment that your company brought to the job location. While accidents like this are never intentional, the customer often feels as if it is your responsibility because it was your tools or equipment that caused the problem.

Property Damage: Lawn care liability insurance also provides coverage against claims of damages to personal property. If your employee accidentally cut a telephone wire while trimming the grass or hedges, your clients will expect you to pay for those repairs. You may even be expected to pay for the client’s inability to use their telephone while waiting for repairs. Property damage claims can arise against inanimate objects as well as living. If your client feels you have caused damages to a prized animal for example, the resulting lawsuit would be considered a property damage suit.

Products And Completed Operations: Liability claims can arise from products that you sell to your customers as well as services that you have rendered in the past. If your customer feels you sold them a faulty or dangerous product, or if something goes wrong later, the customer may associate their problems with the work you did for them. When the customer thinks that the work you completed for them caused damages of some kind to happen to their property, they will file a lawsuit against you. Lawn care liability insurance provides protection benefits for these types of lawsuits.

Personal and Advertising Injury: If your company is sued for personal or advertising related injuries, that means that they believe you did something to harm him in an intangible way. Personal injury lawsuits normally involve claims of slander, libel statements, or other statements that could potentially harm the reputation of the person. Advertising injury lawsuits are filed when a competitor or other party believes that you have violated their intellectual property. They may claim that you were not authorized to use copyrighted material, or that you infringed on their trademark in some way.

Damages to Facilities/Space Rented to You: Lawn care liability insurance pays for property damages when you are deemed responsible for them. This section of your general liability insurance policy applies to property that your company rents releases.

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