Lawn Care Contractor BOP Risk

Lawn care business owners must protect their business property in addition to protecting themselves from basic liability risks. Your business assets are critical to the continued success of the operations of your company. Without the proper commercial insurance coverage, you risk losing your business buildings and all of the contents that reside inside. Imagine trying to pay for a new building to replace one that was damaged beyond repair in a storm. When buildings are extensively damaged, the materials inside those buildings are also. Thus, you could find yourself trying to replace computers, office furniture, decorations, valuable paper documents, and critical electronic data.

Lawn Care Contractor Business Owners Insurance

bop insurance for lawn care contractors

A Lawn care business owners insurance relieves you of the burden of many common risks involved with running your business. Not only does it protect you with a general liability base coverage, it also provides multiple levels of protection for your physical company assets. You can configure this coverage so that it only provides the security you need. There are many different options for the types of protections you can choose.

Coverage Under a Business Owners Policy For Lawn care

Everything under General Liability Insurance: A Lawn care business owners insurance policy will provide you with the same levels of benefits and protection you get from a general liability insurance policy.This means you’re covered legally and financially against claims for physical injuries, property damages, and related general law suits that might arise. As with a standard general liability insurance, a business owners insurance will pay for your legal defense costs, settlements awarded by the court, and various related expenses or fees.

Equipment Breakdown – A lawn care business owners insurance absorbs the costs associated with equipment breakdown. When  your company’s most important equipment breaks down, it can cause a chain reaction of operational breakdowns for your company. Without the proper equipment running smoothly, you may be unable to complete current contracts. This often causes a loss in business income at the same time you have the added expense of repairs.

Buildings and Contents – If something happens that causes damages to your company buildings, your business owners insurance policy can pay for those repairs. The buildings and structures that you use in your company may vary, but many lawn care contractors have at the very least office spaces and storage or work spaces for their equipment and supplies. When buildings are damaged, the contents inside those buildings often sustain damages as well. A lawn care BOP insurance coverage will pay for repairs or replacements if needed for your business personal property such as computers, furniture, and inventories.

Business Income and Extra Expense – When buildings and contents damages are severe, your company may incur extra expenses while losing income at the same time. If your computers are damaged for example, you may not be able to maintain work orders. This may cause you to lose existing business, or prevent you from signing on new clients. Extra expenses often arise because you have to rent or lease temporary equipment or office spaces. A lawn care business owners insurance coverage can be configured to pay for these extra expenses and help you accommodate the income losses.

Electronic Data– If your company maintains important electronic files and software, losing it to file corruption or viruses might be catastrophic. You can choose to protect this electronic data from potential losses through your business owners insurance.

Other Important Coverages

  • Newly acquired structures and buildings
  • Damages to outdoor advertising signs
  • Loss or damage too valuable papers
  • Damages to improvements you have made to property you lease
  • Employee dishonesty actions or claims
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