Janitorial Workers Compensation Risks

Your janitorial business has a staff in place in order for you to provide service to your clients. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure employee safety and the most important way to fulfill that responsibility is through workers compensation coverage—specifically, a janitorial workers comp insurance plan. Though strong work safety plans can help prevent accidents, you must be prepared for the inevitable. This policy covers employees who are injured or suffer illnesses as a direct result of work. Because workers compensation insurance is part of a no-fault system, it helps employers avoid potential lawsuits. You must have a policy in order to be covered.

Janitorial Workers Compensation Insurance

janitor's workers comp insurance quote

Workers compensation laws are mandatory and were designed to protect employees while they are on the job in case an accident occurs and they are injured or they become ill due repetitive motion or environmental exposures. These laws also protect the employer from lawsuits because they were set up in such a way that employees do not have to take their employer to court in order to receive benefits. This makes a janitorial workers comp insurance policy extremely beneficial for your business.

Lost Wages and Medical Care

This portion of the insurance policy covers medical payments if one of your employees suffers from an injury or illness on the job. The affected employee will likely need time off to recover or to go through treatment and/or rehabilitation. This policy also provides them with tax free payments to replace lost wages and covers permanent disability benefits for any long-term effects of the injury. In the event of a fatal injury, a death benefit will also be paid to the employee’s family.

Business Travel Protection

Your employees may, on occasion, have to travel outside of the state for work. This insurance policy, unlike most others on the market, extends coverage for any employees who have to travel outside of the state for work-related purposes.

Employer's Liability

This portion of the workers compensation insurance policy covers your business in the event you negligently cause an employee’s injury that falls outside the state’s workers compensation program. This coverage is necessary because even though employees don’t have to go to court in order to receive benefits, some injured employees will choose  to pursue further legal action against your business for the purpose of securing an additional monetary reward.

Employer's Liability in Monopolistic States

Monopolistic states maintain control over workers compensation benefits which go through their state funds and do not allow insurance from private insurance companies. There are only four such monopolistic states left—North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming. If you have business operations taking place in these states, this portion of the insurance policy covers your business if you were to be sued.

Legal Expenses

Of the thousands of workers compensation claims made by employees each year, many of them prove meritless or fake. Nonetheless, you will still be required to defend your position and take on all of the related legal costs. Under this insurance plan, you would be provided with financial protection to cover legal expenses should you be faced with such a situation.

Third-Party Suits

Accidents on the job can be very serious or even grave and in these cases, it is possible for an employee to be severely injured with brain damage, paralysis, amputation or burns. Under these circumstances, workers compensation will not provide enough compensation to cover costs. In a situation such as this, the employee can sue a third-party. If, for instance, an employee of yours electrocutes himself on the job, he may sue the equipment manufacturer claiming it was faulty. The manufacturer could then sue your business, claiming you did not sufficiently train the employee on the equipment. Legal expenses would be covered for your business under this insurance policy.

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