Janitorial Services Business Insurance Risk

Janitorial business owners can find themselves in perilous situations liability-wise. In addition to employees of your business commuting to different job locations several times a day, they might have keys to buildings and they can work odd hours when facilities are vacant. They are often working amidst expensive property and are likely using cleaning products that can be toxic or cause floors to be slippery. All of these scenarios have the potential to lead to a lawsuit and even if claims against your business turn out to baseless, just one lawsuit can have devastating effects on your business. The proper janitorial business insurance will provide protection for your business.

Janitorial Insurance

Key insurance for janitorial firms

Commercial cleaning insurance is often required prior to working in any building. Your clients, who will most likely be building owners, will inquire about your janitorial business insurance policy to make sure it covers damage, theft and general liability. The right plan will let your customers know they are protected.

Janitorial General Liability Insurance

Third-party claims of property damage, bodily injury and personal injury are all covered under a general liability policy which means you will not be financially responsible for legal and settlement costs. Janitorial companies, however, need additional coverage called errors and omissions which is also referred to as janitorial liability coverage. This insurance coverage protects you, your employees and any subcontractors you have working for you. Even if you think you don’t need this coverage, you should be aware that clients who hire janitorial services require current errors and omissions coverage before hiring janitorial companies. General and janitorial liability policies protect you even if any claims against you turn out to be fraudulent.
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Janitorial Business Owners Insurance

A business owners policy (BOP) for janitorial companies is protection against losses and as a small business, you cannot afford to budget for costly lawsuits or to replace expensive equipment. With a BOP, your policy provides financial funds on claims that occur within your policy period. A BOP is a cost-saving plan because it bundles general liability and property insurance. The main section of the general liability plan offers defense costs to represent your company in a lawsuit from liability claims involving injury, bodily harm or property damage. The coverage generally includes lawyer fees, settlements, judgments and other fees associated with courts and defense.  Under property insurance coverage the BOP protects business assets including office space, tools and cleaning supplies from theft, water damage and fire. This can include damage from burglaries, fires, and tornadoes.
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Janitorial Workers Compensation Insurance

A workers compensation policy will protect your employee from lost wages and medical expenses if they suffer an injury or illness while on the job. This plan also protects your business from being sued by your employee for damages. As long as you have at least one employee working for you, state law requires you obtain a workers compensation policy. States regulate this policy so your insurance requirements may differ depending on your location.
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Janitorial Commercial Auto Insurance

Your janitorial business requires your employees to be mobile while they travel to different locations in order to provide services. Being on the road so frequently, sets your business up for more risk involving automobile accidents. For this reason, a commercial auto insurance plan is one of the most important coverage options a janitorial business can carry. The policy provides protection if you or your employees are involved in an auto accident, your vehicle is vandalized or stolen.
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