Janitorial General Liability Risks

Your janitorial business requires your employees to be at different locations every day. The multiple premises involved expose you to more risks because of the customer property your employees are around on a regular basis. An employee of your company could be blamed for any damage or theft that occurs on the job. This vital janitorial liability insurance policy defends your janitorial business against any liability claims of property damage or bodily injury. An important note is that even if a claim turns out to be meritless, you are still responsible for your defense and the related legal costs which can quickly add up.

Janitorial General Liability Insurance

liability insurance for janitors

Your janitorial business has additional exposure because your employees work on property belonging to others. You also have subcontracted employees working for you. This is why you should include errors and omissions coverage, also known as janitorial liability, in your policy. Not only does it give you added protection, but most of your clients will require it before they agree to hire your company for their janitorial needs. A comprehensive janitorial liability insurance policy will protect your business from unexpected and costly incidents.

Bodily Injury

If anyone from your janitorial business causes a customer’s physical injury, you may be required to pay damages to the victim. For example, it your employee forgets to put up a “wet floor” sign when cleaning the floors and a person walking by slips and falls, causing injury, this janitorial liability insurance plan would cover any damages your business could be held legally responsible for.

Property Damage

Your janitorial business requires your employees to spend a large portion of time in offices, schools and other buildings. The property damage portion of this insurance plan provides your business with legal and financial protection if there is a claim that your business is responsible for damages to someone’s property. For instance, if one of your employees knocks over an item and breaks it in the course of cleaning, you will be covered for any damages. The coverage also includes anything that occurs on your business premises.

Medical Payments

This portion of a general liability insurance policy is intended to cover minor accidents and injuries. Even with a minor injury, legal costs can get out of hand. This plan can help you avoid legal issues because it pays for small medical expenses. In doing so, there is no need to admit fault so a lawsuit or settlement payment can be avoided. As an example, if a customer slips on a wet floor, this plan would cover the victim’s treatment costs.

Personal and Advertising Injury

When a third-party suffers injury as a result of a business advertising its products and services, it is considered a personal and advertising injury. The injury can happen as a result of trademark or copyright infringement, libel, slander, defamation or invasion of privacy. The injured party may decide to sue your business for damages and this janitorial liability insurance policy is designed to protect you under such circumstances. However, if it is determined you were aware of the damages you caused, you would not be covered.

Products and Completed Operations

Products and completed operations coverage protects your business if legal claims are made against you because of products you sold or services you provided. Your company can be held legally responsible if a product brings harm to a customer or if a service you provided later shows to have caused harm or property damage. Under this insurance policy, you are covered legally and financially from any such claims.

Damage to Premises Rented to You

If an accident happens at your rented or lease business facility, your business is legally liable for paying damages to the building owner. For example, if a piece of janitorial equipment you are testing malfunctions and causes damage to a wall, you would have to pay to have the damages repaired. Intentional acts of destruction are not covered under this insurance plan, nor are your personal assets.

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