Janitorial Business Owners Risk

Employees of a janitorial business have to move from location to location in order to provide services to clients. In doing so, they are more susceptible to accidents making a janitorial business owners policy important insurance for business. Additionally, your employees travel with your equipment, leaving it vulnerable to theft or damage while in transit. Your employees are also around valuable property on a regular basis and if it is damaged while your employee is performing janitorial services, your company could be held liable. If you want to ensure the long-term success of your business, choosing the right coverage is essential.

Janitorial Business Owners Insurance

janitor business owner insurance quote

A janitorial business owners policy or BOP provides reliable coverage that can be tailored to fit the needs of your janitorial business. A great benefit with the BOP is that it is offered in one package that provides general liability and property insurance coverage at a lower price than if you were to purchase both types of coverage separately—making it a very efficient option.

Coverage Under Business Owners Policy For Janitorial Businesses

BOP insurance coverage includes general liability which protects you from claims bodily injury, property damage, personal injury as well as from related litigation and settlement costs. In addition to general liability, the BOP allows you to target other areas of risk including:

  • Equipment Breakdown – Equipment breakdown is not an option when it is the core of your janitorial business. Unfortunately, it is not always avoidable. In order to prevent the loss of customers and get the equipment replaced in a timely manner without cost, you need the protection a BOP offers. This portion of the insurance policy will protect you from damage to any equipment due to mechanical breakdown or operator error. Other polices only cover damage from outside sources but a janitorial business owners policy is unique in that it covers damage from internal causes as well.
  • Buildings and Contents – In addition to having an office in order for employees to check in, you probably house your janitorial equipment at the same location. If your office suffers damage in a storm, flood or fire, this insurance policy will cover your building structures, furnishings, supplies and equipment. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing your business assets in order for you to continue to operate your business as usual.
  • Business Interruption – If a natural disaster, flood or any other unforeseen event forces you to close your janitorial business, this portion of the policy will pay for lost business income that resulted from the suspension of your business or continue to pay owed expenses such as rent, payroll and loan. This insurance policy will continue to pay for these losses during a period of restoration which is determined in the plan.
  • Electronic Data – Your business relies greatly on electronic records in order to run your operations smoothly. The records help you keep track of billing, client info, employee records and more. Unfortunately, it is all too common for businesses to lose important electronic data due to fire, vandalism or a computer virus. With this insurance coverage, you are protected from lost or damaged electronic data and interruption of computer operations. It also provides coverage to replace or reconstruct data.
  • Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings – This portion of your insurance plan allows you to add new buildings to your policy in case you want to expand your business to other locations or build a new office space on your existing property. You have up until 30 days to add the new building from the date you acquired it.
  • Valuable Papers Protection – Though hard copy documents are disappearing from our existence every day, there are still important documents you need to hold onto and have handy. They could include loan documents, contracts, medical records, employee records and more. This insurance plan will help you rebuild should you suffer the loss of any of these important documents.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Your employees have access to keys, equipment, supplies, cash and other important assets that cost money. It may be surprising, but most bankruptcies are caused by employee theft which also takes, on average, two years to detect. This insurance plan will protect you from the financial loss suffered due to the dishonest employee.
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