Handyman Insurance Risk

Running your own handyman business without adequate levels of handyman insurance creates excessive amounts of risk for your company. Commercial handyman coverage protects you when accidents happen. Accidents and unexpected problems occur every day. They can range from a customer cutting themselves on one of your saw blades to an uninsured motorist causing an accident with your business vehicle. Unexpected things like a strong wind can blow down and damage your company sign or cause damage to the roof of your workshop building. Lawsuits can crop up even if you’d done nothing wrong and you’ll still lose income because you’ll have to divert your time and attention to defending yourself.

Handyman Insurance

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Commercial level handyman insurance gives you a wide range of protection for things you might not think to prepare for on your own. You can customize it so that you’re getting just the specific levels of coverage you need and it can grow as your company does. Business handyman insurance is meant to be there for you as both a legal and financial buffer zone, because you never know exactly when you might need it, or what you’ll need it for. Legally it helps whether you’re at fault for the alleged incident or not, and financially it helps by paying for damage, destruction, medical care, legal awards and more. From damaging the customer’s floor with a dropped tool to paying for the cost of replacing your sign when it’s damaged in a storm, handyman business insurance has many ways to help ensure you’re covered.

Handyman General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is the base level of coverage you need for your business. Handyman companies are open to potential liability suits with almost anything they do. Liability is the legal word for saying that you are at fault for something. Under this handyman insurance, the something generally refers to property damages and physical body injuries. Your customer’s may slip in your business parking lot and expect you to pay for their hospital visit. You might break a valuable porcelain vase while making repairs at a customer’s home. When claims are made against your company for this type of property or bodily harm, general liability insurance is the commercial coverage that backs you up.
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Handyman Business Owners Insurance

When you own your own company, you tend to have a lot of money invested into specific types of professional assets. These include buildings you use to conduct business, the tools and machinery you use to provide your business services and even mundane items such as general file cabinets and office computers. When these valuable items are damaged in some way, getting them fixed can be quite expensive. This is particularly true when many damages happen at once.  Handyman business owners insurance protects you from losses caused by issues of this sort while still giving you all the benefits of general liability protection.
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Handyman Workers Compensation Insurance

As your handyman company grows you will find the need to hire additional workers. As an employer, your responsibilities and risks rise. Handyman workers comp insurance is needed as soon as you hire just one person. This coverage protects helps you audit your safety procedures and policies and can help protect you against fraudulent claims. It also pays for a variety of care and rehabilitation costs that will arise when one of your employees gets hurt on the job.
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Handyman Commercial Auto Insurance

Professional handymen travel frequently, particularly in automobiles. Commercial auto insurance is designed to reduce many of the additional potential risks that arise from all of that travelling. Handyman auto insurance pays damages that are caused by uninsured motorists, pays for emergency or ongoing medical care that’s caused by auto accidents and can even protect you from the financial losses associated with losing tools or equipment in an auto accident.
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