Handyman General Liability Risks

Handyman liability insurance is important to have for those times when people think you are at fault for something. General liability protects you from general claims of physical or property harm when someone thinks you are the one at fault. Your client may own valuable property such as a registered animal or an antique piece of furniture for example, and if that is harmed while you’re working at their home they may hold you responsible. When customers and other parties feel you are at fault, they are likely to file a lawsuit to collect damages and other monetary awards.

Handyman General Liability Insurance

handyman liability insurance coverage quotes

Carrying commercial general liability insurance coverage for your handyman business provides you with a basic buffer zone when problems crop up. Handyman liability insurance is great as base coverage because it does not require you to have specific accidents or injuries listed on your policy to be covered. Instead, it protects you from even those things that you might not be able to foresee first. It’s also quite useful because it provides you with the same levels of protection whether you’re actually at fault for the claims being made against you. This means that even if the legal claims are unwarranted, you won’t have to suffer financially to defend yourself against them.

Handyman Liability Insurance Covers These Expenses

  • Legal costs that arise from lawsuits, including the cost of an attorney or other legal counsel. The costs associated with attending court, filing legal paperwork, acquiring related documentation and having witnesses appear on your behalf.
  • Associated expenses and fees that are reasonable and necessary for defending yourself.
  • Fines, legal awards, settlements, and related judiciary orders that arise if you are found to be responsible for the claims made against you.

Who is Protected?

Handyman liability insurance provides protection for just about anyone acting on behalf of your company. You and your employees, when you are providing services are protected with your general liability insurance policy. Other executives, partners, co-owners, directors and even stock holders are also covered under your general liability policy if an alleged incident occurred when they were doing something for or because of the company’s interests.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury is the section of handyman liability insurance insurance that pays associated costs when a person is injured on your business premises. Things that happen on your premises include those things that may occur when you’re at a remote work spot or job site.  A bodily injury is physical harm that comes to a human being. Harm can happen in the most unexpected ways. Your ladder could hit someone in the head because the wind blew too hard, and that person might need to visit the hospital and get stiches. However it happens, if it’s covered in the bodily injuries portion of your handyman liability insurance policy, the related costs for care and follow up treatments will not have to be paid for out of your own pocket.

Property Damage

Property damages usually applies to tangible objects instead of human beings. Property damages can occur to pets and other non-human items of value however, such as race horses or breeding bulls. This aspect of general liability insurance for handymen covers you in the event that something happens to someone’s property and they feel you were the cause of the harm. Depending upon the claim, it can pay for the full cost of replacement or repairs, and provide for your associated legal costs.

Medical Payments

Handyman’s liability insurance includes a section that is specifically designed to help when minor accidents occur. When the minor injury can be treated without the need for additional or ongoing treatments and care, this area of your general liability insurance often pays outright up to a certain amount. This usually helps to avert additional legal actions or claims from the person injured.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Personal injury is an injury that causes harm to someone’s name or reputation. Advertising injuries often involve trademark or brand disputes and claims of copyright violation. General liability insurance for handyman includes coverage for these types of claims if they ever arise.

Products and Completed Operations

Handyman liability insurance allows you to sign off on projects and work orders with full confidence, because it helps protect you if future claims arise.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

Premises liability is the section of your insurance policy that protects buildings and structures that you lease or rent. If your company is blamed for or deemed responsible for damages to those structures,  handyman liability coverage pays for the associated costs.

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