Handyman Business Owners Insurance Risks

Handyman business professionals and company owners know just how risky day to day activities can be. In an ideal world you could go about your business activities without a concern for any type of damage, destruction or injury to anyone or anything. The reality is of course, that things do come up. Storms level entire city blocks, snow and ice cause tree limbs to fall and general surprise events happen almost daily. Without the appropriate level of handyman business ownes insurance, you’ll be left to deal with the fallout these types of events often cause – and you’ll be the sole person responsible for the financial ramifications the events cause.

Handyman Business Owners Insurance

handyman contractor business owners insurance quote

A handyman business owners insurance policy (BOP) is an ideal option for protecting your company from claims of liability at the same time you’re protecting the company from potentially losing physical assets and property. Handyman business owners insurance provides you with all of the standard benefits you’d receive under a general liability policy while adding another level of security to your business by providing protection against losses that can occur to your company’s physical property.  A business owners policy for handymen companies is even configurable so that you’re only getting what your business truly needs.

Coverage Under BOP Insurance for Handyman Businesses

Since a handyman business owners insurance policy gives you combined levels of protection, you’ll be covered for the standard general liability issues that might arise.  Protection levels include bodily injuries, medical payments, personal liability injury claims and claims of property damages. There are several property protection additions included on a business owners policy.

Business Personal Property Coverage

Your business’s personal property includes a large number of things. Personal property is physical, or tangible items that are necessary for the operations of your company. This section of your BOP includes insurance coverage for things like the company’s tools, shop machinery and equipment, office furnishings, computers, cleaning supplies or equipment and any inventory you may hold.

Building and Structures

Handyman companies often have buildings or structures that are integral to the operations of the business. A handyman business owners insurance includes a protective section that addresses these important assets. In the event that something happens to either damage or completely destroy your business structures, if the catastrophe is covered in your BOP then the policy will pay for replacing or repairing those structures so that they’re able to be used again.

Business Income and Expense Coverage

When emergencies and disasters arise they often bring with them many additional expenses that can be hard for your company to float directly. You may be required to rent or lease temporary work space for example, while you’re waiting for your company’s structural repairs to be completed. When things are bad enough you might even lose several days or weeks worth of income as well. Handyman business owners insurance policy can be designed to plan for these potential events before they occur, and ensure that you have income gaps or additional expenses dealt with.

Valuable Papers, Documents and Receivables Coverage

When severe events occur that cause damages to happen to your company buildings, there is a strong likelihood that the same event will cause you to lose critical and valuable documentation that is stored in those structures.  You may lose paper contracts or tax deductible receipts for example, and it could be quite costly to replace them or absorb the losses.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

No employer wants to consider that one of their employees could be dishonest, but there is no way to guarantee against something dishonest happening. Even when everyone is completely honest in everything they do however, unscrupulous clients may attempt to claim otherwise. This section of a handyman business owners insurance policy provides for those times when the unpleasant reality of dishonest employee claims arises.

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