Garage Door Installer GL Insurance Risks

Liability insurance for garage door installers makes up part of the total insurance portfolio that every business should have. The protections offered are substantial considering one of them could save your business if you are ever involved in a lawsuit that has the potential to make a large dent in your company or personal finances.

In addition to the coverages discussed below, you’ll want to carefully consider the limits for the policy. A general rule of thumb is that your liability limits cover the amount of your assets.

Garage Door Installer General Liability Insurance

garage door installer liability insurance

Who this liability insurance covers is pretty broad. It’s basically anyone who does any type of work that you have authorized for your company. In case someone is found liable for a claim or are sued by a claimant, the policy will protect that individual and your business. These expenses include pretty much any costs related to defending the claim in court such as attorney fees, court-ordered bonds, judgments and more.

Below are the main protections this liability insurance provides for your garage door installer business.

Bodily Injury

If a person is hurt while roaming around your shop or grounds, s/he may make a claim against you for that. They might state that your grounds were inadequately safeguarded when they were injured. A bodily Injury (BI) claim could be made. If so, your liability insurance policy will take care of all of the medical costs that arise from healing the injury. It will also be there if the claimant decides to sue you for negligence.

Property Damage

If you or an employee damage a homeowner’s property while you’re installing a garage door, a property damage liability claim could be filed against you. This section of your liability insurance is there for an event like that. Payment will be made for any loss of use claims as well as to fix or replace the property.

Medical Payments

Medical payments are usually purchased in $5,000 increments beginning at $5,000. This is used to pay for medical bills for someone (not an employee) who was injured on your premises or because of your business operations. The payments will be made even if you are not found legally liable.

Personal and Advertising Injury

If someone files a claim against you because you were alleged to have caused false arrest, malicious prosecution, slander, libel, discrimination unrelated to employment practices and more, this coverage will kick in to handle the claim. It also will take care of a claim that you used ideas from a competitor’s advertisement in your own ads.

Products and Completed Operations

In the event the garage door you used is later found defective after It has been installed, this portion of your liability insurance will cover you against any claims arising from that.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

This is also known as Damages to Premises You Rent or Occupy. The policy will pay out if you are found legally liable for damages that result from a fire, lightning strike, explosion or other covered occurrence.

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