Flooring Installer Liability Insurance Risk

Flooring installer employees can be working at a number of customer locations on any given day. If they are working around expensive property, this can lead to additional risks for your business. It is quite possible that your employees could cause damage while installing flooring on the property. There could also be customer injuries resulting from the flooring installation work taking place. If these types of incidents take place, you will rest easy knowing your business is protected under a flooring installer general liability insurance policy.

Flooring Installer General Liability Insurance

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A flooring installer liability insurance policy is your defense against any liability claims of property damage or bodily injury. Even if a claim proves to be fraudulent, the costs involved in proving it will be covered by a general liability policy.

Bodily Injury

Accidents happen all the time and if one of your customers is injured while the flooring installation is going on, you may have to pay damages to the injured party. For instance, if a customer trips over electrical cords that were left out by one of your employees, this part of a flooring installer liability insurance policy gives you coverage for any damages that are payable to the injured customer.

Property Damage

Flooring installer workers spend a majority of their time on the customer’s premises. This part of the policy offers legal and financial protection in the event a claim is filed because your business caused damage to someone’s property. For instance, if spontaneous combustion occurs while the flooring is being installed and causes damage, you will be covered for any repair costs or legal fees. This insurance also covers damage to someone’s property if it occurs on your business premises.

Medical Payments

The medical payments portion of the general liability policy will cover minor accidents or injuries. If a customer, for example, touches a faulty equipment cord and suffers a shock, this policy would cover their treatment costs. Not surprisingly, legal costs can quickly mount in such situations—this insurance plan can help you avoid these costs as it pays for small medical expenses.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Any number of things can lead to personal and advertising injury—you could be accused of libel or slanderous statements or your advertising could contain trademark or copyright infringement. If a third party feels that you damaged their reputation or character, they can file suit against your business for damages. This flooring installer general liability insurance policy will protect you against such claims unless it is proven that you caused the damage intentionally.

Products and Completed Operations

Under this insurance, your business is protected against claims if products or services you provided turn out to be defective or the cause of injury. For instance, if your business installed wood flooring and it later warps or buckles, you would be covered for any repair costs involved.

Damage to Premises Rented to You

You could be liable to pay costs to your landlord if any of your employees cause damage to your rented office space. For example, if a worker is repairing equipment, such as a saw blade, and inadvertently causes destruction inside the store or office, you would be covered under this policy, unless the damage was intentionally caused. Any of your business assets that get damaged are not covered under this section of the policy.

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