Fire Sprinkler Contractor Workers Comp Risks

Fire sprinkler contractors that hire other people take on greater risks and responsibilities. As a business owner you are already responsible for providing legal and financial protection for your tangible assets, protecting your company from liability insurance claims and potentially defending your business against claims for work you’ve completed in the past. Adding employees gives you the added weight and responsibility of protecting your people assets. Workers can be great assets to a company because they provide leverage that isn’t available when you do everything yourself. If those employees are harmed while working for you however, they will expect you to care for their needs.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

Fire Sprinkler Installer Workers Comp Quote

Workers comp insurance for fire sprinkler contractors is your first line of coverage whenever you have other people on staff. Maintaining paid employees at your company increases business capacity dramatically but also leaves you open to additional types of risk. As a good employer, you naturally want to be sure your employees are protected from harm just as much as your business is. Employees are another type of asset for your company, and workers compensation insurance helps you stay legally compliant while assuring them their welfare is accounted for.

Medical Care & First Aid Treatment

If one of your staff hurts himself while working, he will need some type of care. First aid treatments are inexpensive and useful for minor work-related illness or injury. First aid might include treatment at a quick clinic or attention from trained first responders. If the accident is bad enough, your employee may need hospital treatment. Whether the problems can be addresses in the emergency room alone or whether surgery and additional care is needed, workers comp insurance coverage for fire sprinkler contractors pays for these and related items.

Temporary Disability

When workers are injured or become severely ill, they sometimes need extra time away from the job to recover fully. A broken arm needs time to heal for example, and if the affected employee is unable to work while healing then he is considered disabled. When full recovery is expected, the disability assignment is only temporary but your staff member still has his own financial responsibilities to accommodate while he is off work. Workers compensation insurance may provide a stipend during that time while also paying for additional medicines and services that might be required for recovery.

Permanent Disability

If your employee is unable to return to normal work duties because of an injury that was sustained in the course of his job, he is permanently disabled. As with temporary disability, this section of your workers comp insurance policy helps him with day-to-day expenses and the added costs of physical rehabilitation, medications, or ongoing medical treatments.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is a way for disabled employees to return to the work force in another profession. There are expenses involved with new training and education, which workers comp for fire sprinkler contractors can pay for.

Death Benefits

Workers compensation insurance provides your company with a number of additional benefits. It pays death benefits if a worker injury results in a fatality. It protects you if a third party lawsuit arises due to injuries and illnesses and it can help if a worker’s injury or death results in his family members filing a lawsuit. Additionally, it can help you mitigate potential problems with fraudulent claims and provide advice, training or auditing of your company’s safety policies and procedures.

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