Fire Sprinkler Contractor Insurance Risk

Fire sprinkler installer business insurance is the one of the smartest investments you can make in your company because it protects you financially when disaster strikes, and legally when lawsuits arise. Trying to operate as a professional fire sprinkler contractor without the base levels of coverage that business insurance provides, is potentially setting yourself up for failure when multiple losses occur. When mistakes are made, you will pay the legal defense costs, fines, settlements and judgments. When storms damage your company’s installation equipment or inventory, you will be left to replace all of those items from your own funds. Since bad things happen every day, neglecting this important coverage is highly risky.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Insurance

Business Insurance For Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Fire sprinkler contractor insurance is legal and financial protection designed specifically for the needs of your company. Whether you are a one person fire sprinkler installer or you employ dozens of additional professionals, there will always be inherent risks involved with owning and operating your company. Fire sprinkler installer insurance features several different levels of risk mitigation to meet your business needs.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for fire sprinkler contractors is the base line of insurance your company needs. It provides for help and protection if an accident happens and one of your customers receives an injury. It also pays for your legal defense if you’re accused of causing property damages. This business insurance pays for a number of legal and financial issues, such as paying for the cost of your legal defenses and paying for witness or document acquisition when you’re defending yourself against claims.
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Fire Sprinkler Contractor Business Owners Insurance

Legal claims against your company are likely to be inevitable, even when you are not directly responsible for the injuries or property damages you’re being sued over. In addition to protecting yourself from those types of issues, a business owners policy extends you a number of additional assurances against the losses or damages of your business property itself. This fire sprinkler insurance protects your buildings and structures, the contents inside such as your office chairs and telephone system, and important documents such as your accounts receivables.
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Fire Sprinkler Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers comp is essential business insurance coverage for fire sprinkler contractors who have employees on the payroll. Workers comp is what allows you to stay afloat when accidents, injuries or illnesses happen on the job. If one of your employees files a claim, this insurance helps them financially to get medical treatment, pays for their medications or medical devices, and pays for disability and rehabilitation when needed.
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Fire Sprinkler Contractor Errors & Omissions Insurance

A solid fire sprinkler installer insurance policy needs to afford your company protection against errors and omissions. When something goes wrong because of a mistake you made, you’ll be held legally accountable for it. Errors and Omissions coverage helps you financially and legally in these unfortunate events.
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Fire Sprinkler Contractor Commercial Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance makes sure you have all bases covered in the travel department. Since you’re driving to and from client job sites, your offices and maybe around to different suppliers constantly, your risk level of getting into an auto accident is greatly increased. Commercial auto coverage for fire sprinkler contractors provides everything you’d expect from auto insurance, with quite a few additional options that are uniquely designed for your business. Liability coverage, uninsured motorist and medical coverage are common configurations while protecting your professional tools and equipment or even protecting yourself from damages caused by falling trees.
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