Fire Sprinkler Contractor E&O Risks

Professional liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions coverage, or E&O. This insurance is important for professional contractors to carry in case mistakes are made. When a mistake happens that causes someone to be hurt financially or professionally, you will be held legally and financially accountable for the harm. Even if you’re not responsible for what happened and you made no mistakes, you will still have to spend time and money defending yourself from the claims. E&O insurance for fire sprinkler contractors is the best choice for ensuring you’re not trying to handle these issues alone.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Professional Liability E&O

Fire Sprinkler Installer PL Insurance

Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance for fire sprinkler contractors is a professional liability coverage designed to accommodate those times when professional mistakes are made with services or advice you provide. This insurance is referred to with different names depending upon the industry it’s written for, and it is designed to protect you from civil lawsuits that may arise due to claims of negligence, particularly if there were financial losses caused by your action or inaction.

E&O insurance for fire sprinkler contractors may be required in some contracts, and it’s commonly required if you are sub-contracted by another company on the behalf of their client.  This commercial policy differs from others in significant ways.


Whether damages or injuries were caused by a mistake from your company or not, customers may make legal claims against you. Errors and omissions insurance coverage helps pay for the costs associated with making your legal case, including court expenses, legal counsel fees, documentation costs and witness related expenses. An E&O policy does not cover criminal prosecution or other specific civil actions that are not defined in the policy.

Notice of Claim

Errors and Omissions insurance for fire sprinkler contractors only covers claims that are made while the policy is in effect. This means that if a client files a lawsuit against you after you no longer hold your E&O policy, the policy will not provide the standard coverages even if the alleged incident occurred while you had an active policy. In some cases you may be eligible to add an extended reporting period to your coverage.

Wrongful Act

E&O insurance for fire sprinkler contractors helps defend you against claims of wrongful acts in the performance of your services. Wrongful acts might include alleged or actual breach of contract, personal injuries caused by your work or services, negligence and mistakes.

Retroactive Date

Your policy’s retroactive date is the date that your business started operating. This date must be specifically declared in the coverage declarations in order for coverages to be in effect from the time you started providing fire sprinkler installation services.

Extended Reporting Period (Tail) Coverage

Tail coverage is an add on option that you can have applied to your E&O policy so that you’re protected from claims that do not arise while the policy is in effect.  With this extension, your E&O insurance policy can protect you if legal claims are made after your policy has been terminated, and the alleged events happened while you had the policy in full force.

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