Fire Sprinkler Contractor BOP Risk

Protecting your company from potential legal actions when someone gets injured is important. Claims can arise when you damage a customer’s property too, or they can simply pop up even when you are not responsible for whatever it is that happened. Aside from legal actions, your company risks losing much more from simple severe weather events and a variety of unexpected things. Losing critical paperwork, computer files, office equipment or even your inventory can turn minor weather events into a catastrophe if you’re not protected.  Without a business owners insurance policy, you’ll find yourself struggling to deal with all of the financial and legal problems that can pop up on any given day.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Business Owners Insurance

business owners insurance for fire suppression installer

Fire sprinkler business owners insurance is a great way to combine levels of protection to meet your company’s varying needs. You can select just the sections that are necessary for you so that it fits both your budget and your peace of mind.

A business owners policy (BOP) provides you with all of the protection you’d get from general liability coverage and then adds different types of physical property protection. This means that your tangible assets such as inventory, office equipment, buildings and so on are all covered under the same policy.

Business Liability

Everything that you’d normally get protected from in a general liability insurance policy is included in fire sprinkler business owners insurance. This means you’re protected against bodily injury claims, claims about property damages, potential problems that might arise from previous work or products you’ve provided and general premises liability. If someone sues you for copyright or trademark violations in your advertising or they feel you’ve defamed their brand in some way, the BOP coverage pays for legal and financial fallout that arises with these issues as well.

Business Personal Property

Business personal property is a section of your fire sprinkler business owners insurance that protects your company assets. These are physical items that are normally housed or stored inside your business premises. Protection can include office furniture, decorations and computers. It also provides for losses or damages to your company inventory, tools, equipment and related items that are necessary for your normal business operations.

Building and Structures

Your fire sprinkler contracting business likely has retail store space where you sell parts and supplies. It may also have a separate structure that is used as the main headquarters or offices and you may have buildings that are solely used to store equipment, tools and inventory. If one of these structures is damaged and you have a business owners policy, that insurance pays to have your buildings and structures either repaired or replaced when catastrophe strikes.

Business Income and Expense Coverage

If a serious event occurs it can damage your office buildings and structures to the point that they are unusable for a time. When your business structures are unavailable, you are likely to lose income because you’ll be unable to perform your normal business operations. You may also have added expenses due to having to rent temporary space for the equipment that was unharmed. You fire sprinkler business owners insurance helps mitigate these ingoing and ongoing fluctuations so that you can concentrate on recovering and getting everything back to normal.

Valuable Papers, Documents and Receivables Coverage

When disasters occur that are big enough to cause damage to your company’s structures, there is a strong likelihood that the interior areas will also be damaged. If a strong storm tears the roof of your office, for example, rain and hail may in turn ruin all of the paper documents you normally keep there. Losing your receivables means you may not be able to collect payments from your customers. Replacing expensive trademark designs or patent applications can all be quite costly both in time and in financial burden.

Other Important Coverages

Other ways fire sprinkler business owners insurance can be of great help include employee dishonesty, equipment breakdown, electronic software and data files, and protected improvements you’ve made to leased or rented property.

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