Electrician General Liability Risks

Liability is a legal term that says you are responsible for something that went wrong. Sometimes these claims are made against electricians even if they are not at fault, yet there are tangible and intangible costs associated with the claims. As an electrician, if you do not carry general liability insurance then you’ll need to pay for your own time away from work and the associated legal fees when defending yourself. If you’re found to be at fault for a claim, you’ll also have to pay those judgments and fines out of your own pocket. Not carrying electrician liability insurance carries many additional risks that can be easily avoided with the right policy options.

Electrician General Liability Insurance

electrician liability insurance

Electrician General Liability Insurance is designed to be the primary protection policy for your business. General Liability, or GL, is often configured to help you financially and legally when things happen that were not expected. Simple things like a customer tripping over wires that you are installing can cause you to have to pay their medical bills for instance, if they are injured from the fall. GL pays for these items, as well as a number of others as outlined below.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury is when physical harm comes to someone. Whether they claim they were harmed because of your company or they actually were, you may be financially responsible for any medical care that arises. If the person wins a lawsuit against you, there may be additional fines and fees that you’re required to pay as well. Bodily injuries can arise from the slightest things. A customer may touch one of your wire cutters the wrong way and slice their finger open for example, and they may need to visit the hospital and get stiches for the injury. Electrician liability insurance can pay for the emergency medical care and additional follow up or associated care.

Property Damage

As an electrician that must be on location to do much of his work, there is always the risk that you may accidentally damage something that isn’t yours. If you cut a hole in the wall for an outlet that is in the wrong location for instance, your customer will likely expect you to pay for the resulting wall repairs. A general liability insurance coverage can help with paying for property damages of this sort and similar.

Medical Payments

Electrician general liability coverage has a useful section in it that can be helpful when injuries arise that are minor. When someone claims they’ve been injured on your property, at your worksite or because of something you did, the medical payments section of your policy can help you avoid a lawsuit and more expensive settlements. When the injuries are minor, this coverage can pay for them and help you avoid bigger problems.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Advertising injury claims arise when another party claims that something about your company’s advertising brought harm to them. Sometimes these are claims of copyright violations or trademark infringements, other times they may feel you have tarnished their name or brand in some way. Electrician general liability insurance protects you from problems like this by paying for related legal fees, settlements and judgments as needed.

Products and Completed Operations

Despite your best intentions, sometimes things go wrong after you have completed your contracts and delivered your final products. If a customer files a legal claim against you months after you completed their work, whether the claim is valid or not you’ll have to spend time and money dealing with it. The products and completed operations section of a GL policy for electricians helps protect you legally and financially if these claims ever arise.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

When you rent or lease office or workshop space for your electrical contractor business, accidents can happen that cause damages to occur to the buildings or structures you’re using. This can happen even if you’re simply in custody of someone else’s property for a brief period of time. When that property is damaged, you’ll be held legally responsible for replacing it or fixing it depending upon the severity. Your electricians general liability policy helps pay for these issues if the need appears.

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