Door Installer Workers Compensation Risks

Door installer workers comp insurance is something you need to protect you, your employees, your company and to satisfy various state and federal statutes. First, it protects your most valuable asset your employees in case one of them gets hurt on the job or falls victim to a work related illness. The policy has provisions designed to get the employee healed and back to work as soon as possible. The workers comp insurance has been around for a long time protecting US employees from workplace hazards.

Door Installer Workers Compensation Insurance

WC insurance for door installation companies

Make sure you check on this especially if you hire independent contractors as door installers, but, typically, anyone who works for you as an employee is covered by the window installer workers compensation insurance policy. The coverage is comprehensive and is meant to be that way which is why it’s regulated by state and federal statutes.

Medical Care

Payment for medical care while your employee mends has limitations (subject to doctor approval and possibly fee schedules). This means that everything from doctor’s visits to costs for any surgery to prescriptions is covered all with the goal of getting your employee healed and back to being a productive member of society.

First Aid Treatment

If one of your employees got hurt while installing the door and the wound was bleeding, you might have to render aid prior to 911 getting there. If you provide any first aid treatment that results in an expense, you can make a claim on your workers comp insurance policy and get reimbursed for that.

Temporary Disability

A temporarily disabled employee is recognized as a covered individual under this portion of the policy, generally after a three to seven day waiting period. Then, subject to state minimum and maximum caps, your employee will receive a percentage of his/her weekly wages until the disability is over with. The benefit is retroactively applied to the date of the injury.

Permanent Disability

If a doctor determines that an employee is permanently disabled, then that individual will receive a percentage of his/her average salary (usually two-thirds) as long as they are disabled. As you might imagine, the employee has to be qualified (as determined by a physician) to receive permanent disability.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If it takes rehab treatment and even retraining to help the employee go back to work, workers comp insurance will pay for those costs (tuition, books and more) as long as they are required.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

Sometimes the employee is hurt in such a way that s/he can no longer perform the job. If that’s the case but there is no total disability declared, then the employee will be retrained to take another job with workers compensation insurance picking up the costs.

Death Benefits

The dependent of an employee who passes away because of a job related injury, may receive weekly cash payments up until a predetermined date (for a surviving spouse, the payments could be for life or until the spouse remarries.). Another death benefit includes a sum to help with the burial of the employee.

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