Contractor Auto Insurance Risk

Contractors like you drive frequently, because it’s a standard need for your type of business. Whether you are a plumbing contractor, general contractor or you provide concrete contractor services, you cannot perform your standard work without first traveling to the customer’s location. Statistics show that the more often you drive on public roads, the more likely you are to be involved in an auto accident. As a contracting company, auto accidents pose much more risk of loss because you have multiple employees in a vehicle, expensive tools and equipment, and possibly specialized mobile equipment as well. Losing some or all of these valuable assets could create conditions that your company is unable to recover from.

Contractor Auto Insurance

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Commercial contractor auto insurance  allows you to mitigate multiple types of risks commonly associated with increased driving for your business. Whether your company owns its own work vehicles that transport contracting crews, or you lease vehicles for business use, accidents can prove to be quite expensive. Auto accidents may involve physical injuries that require emergency care or ongoing medical treatments. They may also cause extensive vehicle damages that render the vehicle incapable of service, or they may cause your tools and equipment to be destroyed. Contractor auto insurance can be configured to meet your specific risk needs, so that when these events happen you will not be left to pay for them in full.

Customized contractor auto insurance may include coverage for:

Bodily Injury Liability

If a representative of your company is involved in an auto accident that was caused by him, your company will be held responsible for the physical injuries that resulted. Contractor auto insurance protects you from this risk by ensuring the medical expenses and related injury bills are paid for.

Property Damage Liability

When your contractor company is found to be the cause of an auto accident that causes damages to someone else’s property, you will be expected to pay for the repairs or replacements of the property.  Property damages happen frequently without a collision with another vehicle. One of your employees may accidentally hit a mailbox when trying to back the vehicle into a small area on the client’s property for instance, or they may scrape against scaffolding and cause it to collapse and be ruined.

Medical Payments

When auto accidents happen, it is unfortunately very common for there to be physical harm caused by the accident. Physical injuries caused by an auto accident often require emergency medical treatment, air lifting to a hospital, emergency surgeries and more. Contractor auto insurance coverage pays those medical and recovery bills for your driver and passengers so that you do not have to.


An auto accident involving collision with another vehicle usually causes damage to all of the vehicles involved. When your company’s vehicle sustains damage from a collision, your contractor auto insurance policy can pay for all or part of the damages that were caused.

Comprehensive/Other than Collision

Comprehensive contractor auto insurance covers other events that cause damage to your company’s vehicle, but that were not caused by a collision. Your vehicle may subjected to vandalism for instance, or a weather event causes a telephone pole to fall onto it and crush the roof.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If your company vehicle is involved in an auto accident that is caused by someone else, you should be compensated for the damages by that driver’s insurance company. Some people do not carry auto insurance however, and most of the general public may not carry enough coverage to fully compensate for the damages they cause. Since your company vehicles are much more valuable than average, protecting yourself from potential events where the person at fault is unable to cover the full extent of the damages caused is a wise choice.

Additional Coverage Options

If your company leases or hires other vehicles to use for business purposes, you may want to consider adding some of the additional contractor auto insurance options to your policy. In addition to hired vehicle coverage, other options exist that allow you to protect vehicles that you may be towing, or the expensive company machinery, tools and equipment that you normally have on board.

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