Concrete Contractor Insurance Risks

Concrete contractors need business insurance to mitigate the variety of risks inherent in day-to-day business activities. Your customer base may be consumers only or a mix of consumers, municipal or commercial and there are several ways accidents can happen with each. Consumer customers may blame you if their garage door is dented and they notice it soon after you finished pouring the new driveway. Someone may get physically hurt while they were at or near your worksite and they’ll want your company to pay the hospital or doctor bills. Your work buildings or company sign may sustain damages in a wind storm or one of your crew trucks may be involved in an auto accident. These are all high risks that you do not need to address alone.

Concrete Contractor Business Insurance

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Concrete contractor insurance is available to take care of the most common risks for you. With the appropriate commercial coverage, you’re protected from the potentially exorbitant costs that can arise from simply liability lawsuits, storm damages, advertising injury claims and even claims that your employees were dishonest. Depending upon the full selection of benefits you choose, commercial insurance pays for several types of legal related fees that arise from lawsuits, pays to replace destroyed business property and provides several extra levels of protection from auto accidents.

Concrete Contractor General Liability Insurance

GL insurance, short for general liability, is exactly what it sounds like: General coverage designed to provide multiple types of help when lawsuits are filed against you claiming that your company caused personal property to be damaged, or personal injury to occur. This concrete contractor insurance is necessary so that you’re prepared when an accident happens. Customers or third parties may feel that you caused an injury or caused property to become damaged, and they’ll want you to pay the bills related to the incident. If you’re not at fault, you still must spend time and money defending yourself. General liability insurance steps in to help negate those expenses for you.
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Concrete Contractor Business Owners Insurance

Business owners insurance for concrete contractors is also referred to as a business owners policy (BOP). This coverage combines general liability protection with tangible asset protection so you’ll have a more complete level of coverage for your company when things go wrong. Your business’s physical assets include machinery and equipment, tools, structures or buildings you use for your business operations and the contents inside those structures such as computer equipment, office furniture and inventory.
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Concrete Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers comp for concrete contractors is an important part of an overall commercial insurance protection strategy, because it provides combined levels of benefits and protection for your company and the people you employ. Known well by employees as the insurance that pays their medical bills when they are hurt at work, workers compensation provides your company with several types of legal and financial security. This coverage pays benefits to injured workers, pays for related illness or injury care, pays for disability whether temporary or permanent, and protects your company from potential fraud or third party lawsuits.
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Concrete Contractor Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance for concrete contractors is particularly important because of the frequency that your company employees drive. Increased amounts of road travel increases your chances that you or a representative of your company will be involved in an auto accident. Driving from one work site to another multiple times each day puts you at risk of accidents much more frequently. This concrete contractor insurance helps with the large expenses that often result from these accidents. Whether your employee caused the accident or not, there may be uninsured motorists involved who are incapable of paying for the damages they cause. Emergency medical care might be needed, tools may be damaged beyond repair and other costs can quickly build up.
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