Concrete Contractor Liability Insurance Risks

Concrete contractors take great risks when they choose to forego carrying basic general liability insurance. When accidents happen people can get hurt. Some accidents cause things to get broken. If anyone believes that your company caused the breakage or physical harm then they’re likely to sue your company. Sometimes people file lawsuits in an attempt to gain something, even when they have no case. These false or inaccurate claims cost you time and money because you still must provide for your defense. When the court decides against you, there are often many more costs in the form of settlements and fees.

Concrete Contractor General Liability Insurance

concrete contractor liability insurance policy purchase

A concrete contractor liability insurance policy is designed to remove the majority of the base risks that are often involved in owning a business. General liability, or GL, provides you with legal and financial protection for accidents, injuries or claims that are alleged to have happened when your policy was in effect. It provides protection for general things instead of specific, which helps ensure you’re covered when very unusual situations arise.

Concrete contractor liability insurance applies the same general level of protective benefits to your company employees, directors, board members and other people who may be acting on behalf of your company. If liability claims arise against them in conjunction with their job or business services, your general liability policy provides help with

  • Monetary judgments and awards that are awarded by the court to your company’s accuser. If your company or the specific person who was representing your company is deemed to be guilty of the allegation that was filed, there will likely be a fine or settlement awarded to the plaintiff.
  • Defense related costs that are considered reasonable for defending your company or its employee during litigation. Common associated expenses include paying for the services of a lawyer, paying for witnesses to appear in court, paying for research and paying for related documentation.
  • If your case is lost and there are medical related costs that must be paid, your general liability insurance policy will cover them. The plaintiff may have emergency room bills from when the injury occurred and they may have related bills for follow-up doctor’s visits, treatment by specialists and ongoing rehabilitative costs.
  • When your company is sued for personal property damages and is found to be at fault for the damages, concrete contractor liability insurance pays for repair and replacement costs.

Specific Liability Coverages Include:

Bodily Injury: if a person comes to physical harm due to something your company did or did not do, they will hold you liable for the resulting consequences. Injuries can happen from simple accidents that occur at your business location, and they are not always your fault. Bodily injuries are a risk at temporary job sites, because you cannot always control the foot traffic and passersby. When injuries occur that you or your company is held liable for, concrete contractor liability insurance coverage will pay for multiple types of expenses that arise. Expenses include emergency broom bills, follow-up treatment from doctors, overnight stays in the hospital, medications, and other rehabilitation products or services.

Property Damage: personal property damage complaints are another common risk that concrete contractors liability insurance helps protect you from. When your company is accused of causing damages or destruction to personal property, liability lawsuits generally ensue. Customers or other affected third parties will expect your company to pay for repairs. If the property has been destroyed, they will expect you to replace it in full. General liability insurance for concrete contractors accommodate this risk by providing for your legal expenses, and by paying for repairs and replacements as ordered by the court.

Product-Completed Operations: if you sell products directly through your concrete contract in company, there is always a risk that problems will arise later with the products that you sold. As a service provider, there is also the chance that problems will arise in the future that are related to previous contracts you’ve had already completed. If the products or completed operations that you provided are believed to have caused property damages or other physical harm, concrete contractor liability insurance can pay for the damages and deleted settlements if they are court ordered.

Personal and Advertising Injuries: concrete contractor liability insurance also protects your company against claims of injuries caused by either your advertising or personal statements you may have made. If an individual or a company feels that you made inappropriate statements that caused them to lose business were harmed their reputation in some way, they may file a personal injury lawsuit. Likewise, but you may find yourself involved in litigation over your company advertisements. If someone feels you have violated their trademark or copyright for example, they may sue you for advertising injuries.

Damages to Facilities/Space Rented to You: when your company Brands or leases its business structures and other work premises, you will be held responsible if there are damages and the owner feels you caused them. Concrete contractor liability insurance will pay for these damages when necessary.

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