Carpenter General Liability Risks

Carpenters are likely to find themselves the focus of legal actions without warning. Previous customers may find fault with work you completed in the past and current clients may feel you are the one who caused damage to their property while you were working. When someone claims that you are the one responsible for damages, physical or personal harm, you will need to spend time and money defending yourself, even when you’re not actually at fault. You also risk losing much more if a court sides against you and awards substantial judgments to your accuser. Since general liability claims can include a myriad of different things, you run a very high risk when operating without insurance protection against them.

Carpenter General Liability Insurance

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Carpenter liability insurance should be the foundation, or core level of business insurance you carry.  A general liability (GL) insurance policy is especially useful for protecting you from events that you don’t foresee in advance, because you do not have to specify individual events on your coverage policy. Instead it protects you from a wide variety of things that fall into general categories.

Carpenter liability insurance protects all people who perform actions for or act on behalf of your company. Generally this includes you, your corporate board members, your employees and other directors or workers you may have. When claims arise against any of these people, carpenter liability insurance helps with:

  • Financial awards that the court may grant to an accuser if you or your company representative is found to be at fault for a claim. Claims might include physical injuries or damages to personal property.
  • Common related expenses that are generally associated with defending yourself or your company representative against legal actions. Reasonable costs often include retaining an attorney, paying fines or fees levied by the court or paying to have witnesses appear on your behalf.
  • Medical care expenses that are incurred due to an accident or injury you may be at fault for. When the physical injuries require a doctor’s care, emergency room treatment or ongoing care, those expenses are also included.
  • Paying the monetary amounts needed to replace destroyed personal property or paying to have personal property fixed when you or your company representative is deemed responsible for the damages.

Specific Liability Coverages Include:

Bodily Injury: A bodily injury is when someone comes to physical harm and feels your company is responsible for it. An injury might happen on your business premises directly or at a remote location where you or an employee is working. Carpenter liability insurance will cover the expenses that can arise from injuries if you’re found to be at fault, including emergency medical care, a prolonged hospital stay or things needed to help the injured person recover.

Property Damage: When personal property is damaged or becomes completely unusable, carpenters liability insurance protects you from the legal assessments that may result. If your company or one of its representatives is found to be responsible for the damage, the court will order remediation. Your general liability coverage will pay for repairs, costs associated with the person being unable to use the property, or full replacement expenses when applicable.

Product-Completed Operations: Completed operations coverage is the section of carpenter liability insurance that protects you if faults are claimed after you have finished the work you were contracted for. When products fail or when your customer believes that work you did caused damage or harm, they may file a liability lawsuit against you. General liability includes protection against these types of suits and provides for your legal defense and payouts if they’re ordered by the court.

Personal and Advertising Injury: Claims of personal injury can happen when another party believes you have caused them to lose income or reputation because of something you said or did. Carpenter liability insurance protects you when personal injury claims arise, such as accusations of libel or slander. Advertising injury claims are also covered in this section of your liability policy, in case you are accused of intellectual rights infringement such as trademark or copyright violations.

Damages to Facilities/Space Rented to You: If you’re accused of causing damage to the property or premises that you lease and rent for your company, carpenter liability insurance helps protect you.

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