Carpenter Business Owners Insurance Risks

Carpenter business owners must provide protection for all of the tangible assets their business is responsible for. In addition to encountering potential legal or financial problems with liability lawsuits, there are also risks that something will happen that damages or destroys your business property. Whether your company’s office building roof is damaged due to hail storms or your critical computer data is corrupted from a virus, the repair or recovery costs could be too much for your company to bear alone. Your risk is amplified because more than one thing can happen at the same time, straining your corporate resources further.

Carpenter Business Owners Insurance

carpenter BOP experts

A carpenter business owners policy is protection against many risks at once. This business insurance, often referred to as a BOP, combines the benefits of carrying general liability coverage while covering you against potential losses or harm that might befall your company’s physical property. A carpenter’s business owners policy protects you against potential losses caused by equipment breakdown, computer file corruption, damages caused to your physical buildings and potential losses of furnishings or other personal business items. The coverage options in a BOP are flexible enough to adjust to meet your individual business needs.

Coverage Under a Business Owners Policy For Carpenter

Everything under General Liability: Each benefit and coverage protection you would receive with a standard general liability insurance policy is included automatically with your carpenter business owners policy. This means you’re protected when lawsuits are filed against you claiming property damage or physical injury. It also covers small medical payments when applicable to help you avoid additional legal actions, and protects you against premises liability claims.

Equipment Breakdown – You probably employ the use of critical equipment in your business, which you cannot afford to have out of operation. If that equipment is unavailable for use due to a breakdown, it can cause you to lose money while you simultaneously require additional funds for the repairs. A carpenter business owners insurance policy protects you from multiplied losses like this so that you can continue with normal operations.

Buildings and Contents – Many catastrophes are created by general weather events. Whether a hurricane or tornado tears off the roof of your equipment storage building or heavy snow causes limbs to fall and damage the wall of your office buildings, events like these are always a surprise. Sometimes they’re a simple inconvenience but sometimes they generate excessive extra costs that are difficult to absorb. A carpenter business owners policy helps with repairing buildings and structures, or replacing contents inside those buildings such as your office decorations or desks.

Business Income and Extra Expense – Your carpenter business owners insurance policy can be configured to help cover lost income when disaster arises, and unexpected extra expenses that can result as well. If your business buildings are damaged for example, or all of your office equipment is destroyed, you may find yourself needing to spend money for temporary relocation and temporary equipment. Even though temporary, these expenses and added losses have the potential to create more financial strain than your company is able to handle.

Products and Completed Operations – Whether you sell products directly through a retail location or on an as needed basis when your clients request them, there is always somewhat of a risk. When those products are found to be defective, your customer may hold you responsible for any damages or harm the defects caused. This same scenario may apply to services that you render and the customer signs off on as fully completed.

Electronic Data – A carpenter business owners insurance policy protects you from complications that can arise due to loss of electronic files, software and data.

Other Important Coverages

  • New buildings that you build or purchase are automatically added to your BOP.
  • Outdoor sign damages or destruction can be paid for by your business owners policy.
  • The cost of replacing valuable papers and documents.
  • Damage to improvements you have made to property you lease.
  • Claims about dishonest actions by your employees.
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