Cabinet Maker Business Insurance Risk

Business insurance for cabinet makers is critical coverage that contributes to the success of your company. Policy protection options can shelter you from financial hardships when unexpected events occur. Without the right coverage, you might find yourself paying for your own legal expenses if a customer gets a splinter in your workshop, or you may have to close the business if you cannot afford to replace buildings and assets that are destroyed by natural events such as hurricanes, tornados or floods. Cabinet maker business insurance protects your company from potential problems that might occur with worker injuries, supply losses on a job site, and risks associated with products or services you’ve already delivered.

Cabinet Maker Insurance

cabinet installer business insurance

Owning a cabinet maker business allows you to enjoy a variety of activities and interactions each day. You communicate with and possibly work side-by-side with employees; you work closely with suppliers to source the best base materials; you help customers select wood, hardware and designs for their home cabinetry; and you might even create custom cabinet designs of your own. While you lead a busy and fulfilling life, it’s very important to protect all of that with business insurance for cabinet makers.

Without the right types and amounts of insurance coverage, you could face extreme financial hardships for the simplest mishaps. If a customer slips in your office for example, or a fierce storm damages your business sign, without business insurance coverage you would have to pay for medical bills, damages and repairs out of company funds.

With the appropriate types and amounts of cabinet maker insurance coverage, you can enjoy your work to the fullest extent secure in the knowledge that you protect the financial stability and growth potential of your company.

Cabinet Maker General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is critical for cabinet makers because it protects you from a wide variety of mundane potential hazards and pitfalls that can be common. If you allow customers into the cabinet making machinery area for example, someone could be injured accidentally. A simple slip on a wet sidewalk at the entrance to your offices is another potential risk that can cost your company a lot of money. General liability coverage for cabinet makers protects you by absorbing these types of expenses and claims if they arise.
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Cabinet Maker Business Owners Insurance

A BOP policy for cabinet makers provides the same protections as general liability, while adding physical and tangible property protection. This coverage provides protection against possible losses of or damage to tools and company equipment such as routers and table saws. It also covers extra expenses and income losses that can arise when your equipment and tools are out of service.
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Cabinet Maker Workers Compensation Insurance

Cabinet maker businesses must provide workers compensation insurance when they have employees. This business policy helps protect your company from liability claims and lawsuits if an employee is injured on the job. It also provides for the employees’ needs and expenses, such as medical coverage, the cost of first aid treatment, and assistance if they’re temporarily or permanently disabled due to the injury.
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Cabinet Maker Building Insurance

Building insurance for cabinet makers is an important coverage designed to protect your company from financial losses that arise when your buildings and structures are damaged and destroyed. Natural events such as a tornado, wildfire or flood can damage your company offices and workshop buildings, and this coverage pays for the related repairs or replacements.
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Cabinet Maker Commercial Auto Insurance

Cabinet makers travel extensively as part of their service offerings. Whether you make custom cabinets for consumers or for other companies, you generally travel to the client’s location to deliver and install the cabinetry you created for them. Driving so frequently puts your company at risk of having an auto accident. Commercial auto insurance protects you by paying for medical costs associated with auto accidents. It protects you from uninsured motorists, pays for property damages where applicable, pays for potential liability, and can be configured to protect passengers in your vehicle as well.
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Policy Additions And Endorsements/Buy Backs

  • Installation Coverage
  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
  • Multi-Unit Residential Structures New
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Schools & Recreation Facilities
  • Hospital Project Work
  • Contractual Liability
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