Cabinet Maker General Liability Risks

General liability insurance for cabinet makers protects against common, random, and unexpected events that your company can be held legally accountable for. General Liability pays expenses and legal fees if a customer is injured on your premises; if there is a legal claim against products or services you have provided in the past; and copyright or libel lawsuits. Trying to operate your cabinet maker company without this basic yet critical coverage puts you at risk of having extreme financial and legal problems. General Liability shields you from these risks by covering the most common potential pitfalls incurred when running your business.

Cabinet Maker General Liability Insurance

cabinet builder liability insurance

General liability (GL) is the backbone of your cabinet maker insurance policies. As the primary source of protection for your company, general liability insurance for cabinet makers helps protect you from common risks that can arise when you have customers, suppliers and employees who interact with or on behalf of your company.

General liability insurance for cabinet makers can help prevent you from losing everything when simple accidents or unexpected events happen. Some of the specific ways it protects your company include:

Bodily Injury

When visitors, customers or suppliers visit your shop, there is always a risk of someone incurring injuries. If you are sued for physical injuries at your company, general liability covers pays for many of the associated costs.

Property Damage

Property damage coverage protects you from general or minor accidents or incidents. If someone else’s property is either damaged or made unavailable for use due to the fault of your cabinet making shop, you can be sued for those losses. This includes coverage of equipment you may have at your cabinet shop on loan, even if it is damaged when you’re not using it.

Medical Payments

Medical payments is a useful section of your general liability policy when someone who is not an employee incurs minor injuries. If a customer gets cut while admiring an unfinished cabinet for instance, medical payments coverage can take care of first aid and similar small expenses. It is often a way for your company to reach a settlement without having to go to court and without having to admit fault.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Advertising mistakes, claims of infringement, slander or libel can all cause great damage to any business owner. Both your business reputation and the financial health of your company can be at risk when these types of claims are made, whether they are true or not. General liability for cabinet makers covers the costs that arise from these types of legal claims.

Products and Completed Operations

Cabinet maker general liability insurance helps cover you from legal claims that might come up after you have finished a contract. If your finished project included materials that were later recalled due to health or safety reasons for example, this section of your GL policy covers the related costs.

Premises Liability or Fire Legal Liability

Whether you lease your cabinet making shop or you rent a storage yard for your materials, equipment and supplies, there is an ongoing possibility that damages can happen at any time, for any reason. Without general liability insurance protection, your cabinet maker business can find itself having to pay for repairs and replacements out of pocket. GL can protect your company from having to absorb those expenses as they arise.

Cabinet maker general liability insurance protects your company from potential financial problems that are often caused by mundane events like those listed above. The amount of liability you choose can cover one specific claim, or it can cover multiple types of claims up to the total amount of coverage you’ve selected.

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