Cabinet Maker Business Owners Risk

A Cabinet Maker business owners policy is very beneficial protection for your company because it provides you with general liability coverage and extends coverage to protect your company from the expenses involved with losing business assets. Tangible assets such as your cabinet shop machinery and tools are expensive to repair or replace if they are damaged or destroyed due to events beyond your control. Without this coverage, one major weather event could be quite costly because you would have to pay for replacing office furniture, computers, and valuable paperwork such as your accounts receivable. Even a simple equipment breakdown is costly in both repair costs and loss of production due to downtime.

Cabinet Maker Business Owners Insurance

cabinet builder BOP insurance

A business owners policy (BOP) for cabinet makers helps protect your company from general liability risks and losses that directly affect your company’s physical and tangible assets. Because of the physical property protection, it’s a very useful way to protect your company against the costs associated with losing important tangible business assets that might not otherwise be covered. A BOP is quite helpful in that you can customize the coverage so that it specifically meets the needs of your business.

Business Liability

All of the benefits, coverages and protections listed for general liability insurance coverage are automatically included in the business owners insurance policy. Protection includes:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damages
  • Medical Payments
  • Advertising And Personal Injury
  • Products And Completed Operations Coverage
  • Premises Liability And Fire Damages

Business Personal Property

Personal property protection is coverage in the cabinet makers business owners policy that pays for damages that may occur to assets at your place of business. It protects your office furniture for example, such as desks and computers, and related furnishings such as tables you may have in a customer waiting area. This coverage includes protection for damages to and losses of inventory, hand tools, maintenance materials and similar assets used to operate your company.

Building and Structures

If you experience damages or losses to your cabinet shop or the public office area, your replacement or repair costs can be enormous. The building and structures coverage in your business owners policy protects you from those losses, as well as protecting you from potential loss of any improvements you’ve made, and your machinery and equipment.

Business Income and Expense Coverage

Sometimes an event occurs that forces you to close your cabinetry shop or sales offices. When you must close due to ice storms, tornados or other disasters and events out of your control, the cabinet maker property and tools insurance coverage provides for income and expenses while the business is closed.

Valuable Papers, Documents and Receivables Coverage

Your office houses valuable paperwork that is imperative for your business to continue operations. Supply contracts, invoices, receipts, client contacts and more are likely on file in paper form. The cabinet makers BOP protects you from the losses your company may incur if those critical documents are damaged or ruined.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Despite your best efforts, there is always a risk that your company may encounter claims of employee dishonesty. When clients believe your employee did something wrong that brought them harm, they will hold your company responsible for the event. A cabinet maker business owners policy protects you legally and financially when these unfortunate events occur.

Other Important Coverages

  • Equipment Breakdown – A BOP pays for the cost of repairs or replacements for essential equipment. This includes saws and sanders, as well as the office air conditioning.
  • Outdoor Signs – Sign repair or replacement is covered in a BOP when it is damaged or destroyed by natural or unexpected events.
  • Tenant Betterments And Improvements – Improvements you’ve made are protected with cabinet maker property and tools insurance coverage. If you added a fence around your wood storage area for example, the BOP pays for the cost of repairs if a vehicle runs into it.
  • Electronic Data – Computer files and software corruption and damages, like paper files, often contain essential business information that can be expensive to replace.
  • Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings – New buildings are automatically covered under your business owners policy, whether you built them or purchased them.
  • Products and Completed Operations - Claims about products or services your company provided are protected under your cabinet maker business owners policy.
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