Business Auto Insurance Risk

Your company relies on transportation. Whether occasionally or frequently, each time you or an employee must drive a vehicle for business purposes, there are risks of an auto accident. If your delivery van is hit by another driver, there will be direct consequences for you even if your employee did not cause the accident. The driver or other passengers might need medical attention, the vehicle could be damaged beyond repair and the products inside the vehicle may be destroyed. Equipment operators can accidentally damage property and your company’s vehicles can even be damaged by vandalism. All of these are common examples of the potential risks to your business vehicles.

Business Auto Insurance

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Business auto insurance provides your company with multiple layers of protective benefits specifically related to the motor vehicles your business owns or uses. Most businesses rely on transportation to some degree and some rely on it heavily. Whether your company provides delivery services or sends work crews and technicians to different job sites regularly, it has an increased risk of suffering from auto accidents. Business auto insurance is the way to protect your company when those auto accidents are caused by your staff, by uninsured or underinsured motorists, or by other events out of your control.

Bodily Injury Liability

When you, your employees, or other authorized representatives of your company get involved in an auto accident that causes physical injuries to others, and they’re found to be liable, or at fault, for the accident, business auto insurance can pay for the medical bills and expenses that result.

Property Damage Liability

Sometimes property damages happen that do not involve another vehicle. If one of your company’s employees backs a truck into a garage door when they’re trying to position a vehicle to load warehouse items, there is likely damage to the door. The owner of the garage, or the property that the garage door is on, will expect your company to pay for getting repairs made.

Medical Payments

Auto accidents often cause physical injuries that must be treated. Even brief visits to the emergency room for assessment will generate unexpected bills that many people may be unable to pay. If injuries require extensive treatments such as a surgery, hospital stay, and attention by medical specialists, those bills can quickly spiral into enormous amounts.


When auto collisions happen they normally cause property damages, such as the destruction of another party’s vehicle, the collision section of your business auto insurance can pay for the costs to repair that other vehicle or replace it when needed.

Comprehensive/Other than Collision

Adding comprehensive coverage to your business auto insurance means that you can have a level of additional protection from events that are not caused by a collision. If your company vehicles are vandalized for example, or a tree falls on top of them, comprehensive non-collision coverage can pay for the repairs.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

When an auto accident happens and your company vehicles are involved, your business life gets complicated because there are several different things that must be dealt with quickly. If the accident is caused by another person and that person doesn’t have auto insurance, or they don’t have enough to cover the damage they’ve caused, your business auto coverage helps protect you from having to absorb those losses directly.

Uninsured Motorists Property Damage

People drive all over the country without carrying adequate – or any – auto insurance. If an uninsured driver causes a collision, it will likely damage your company’s vehicle. It can potentially damage other important company property, such as tools or machinery that is on board when the accident occurs.

Additional Coverage Options

You can tailor your business auto insurance so that it provides specific additional benefits. For example, your business auto insurance policy can extend protective benefits to vehicles you’re leasing or have hired. It can provide protective benefits for when your vehicles are being towed and when you’re towing additional vehicles, equipment or machinery. Talk to your business auto insurance representative today to find the best additional coverage options for your needs.

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