Artisan Contractor Business Insurance Risk

Artisan contractors fall into a category of specialized workers who primarily work under general contractors. Artisan contractor work can include electrical, plumbing, roofing, framing and HVAC. Both the work and risks can vary with each contractor and leave the business exposed for claims. Generally, work can involve operating dangerous, specialized equipment and physical labor. A customer could be injured during an artisan contractor’s work or valuables on a job site may go missing and lead to accusations against your artisan contractor business. If you want to be protected under such circumstances, you must carry an artisan contractor insurance policy.

Artisan Contractor Insurance

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When choosing which artisan contractor insurance policies best fit the unique risks of your business, there are many options and it can be somewhat confusing. Working with your agent to choose the right plan will protect you, your business, your employees and others who come into contact with your business.

Artisan Contractor General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is familiar to many because it is the most common type of insurance. It offers the most comprehensive coverage and provides protection against third-party lawsuits claiming property damage, bodily injury and personal injury. It is probable that a claim will be filed against you at some point, whether it has merit or not, and a general liability plan will offer complete coverage should you need it. For example, a worker could accidentally damage wiring in the wall while doing renovations and the customer might sue your business. A general liability insurance policy takes care of the legal costs, settlements and any necessary repairs to the property.
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Artisan Contractor Business Owners Insurance

A business owners policy (BOP) for artisan contractors is ideal protection for your business against risks. Artisan contractor services can involve the handling of dangerous machinery and tools, physical labor and other hazards; it is therefore vital that your business has coverage in place that addresses any possible risks. A BOP distinguishes itself from other policies in that it packages general liability insurance and property insurance together, which reduces the cost for small businesses. The general liability component of this bundled plan ensures that your business is protected from liability claims such as property damage, bodily injury or personal injury. Typically, the policy will cover such costs as defense costs, settlements and judgments. The property insurance component protects your business assets, which could include office space, equipment and supplies, from damage, loss or theft.
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Artisan Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

If one of your artisan contractor employees sustains an injury during work hours, such as a herniated disc, this insurance will protect them by covering any medical expenses they incur as well as lost wages. Workers compensation insurance is part of a no-fault state system, meaning it protects you from being sued by your employee for damages. You must carry a workers compensation policy even if you have just one employee working for you.
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Artisan Contractor Commercial Auto Insurance

You and your artisan contractor employees must drive to multiple locations to take part in construction and renovation projects at homes and commercial spaces. Employees who drive on a regular basis for business should have coverage under a commercial auto insurance policy which will protect you and your employees should there be an auto accident or if vandalism or theft of a covered vehicle occurs.
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