Artisan Contractor General Liability Risks

Your artisan contractor employees contribute specialized contractor work for construction projects and renovations at various locations where they work on or near expensive property. Due to the frequent and close proximity to valuables, there are additional risks to consider. An employee could be blamed for any damage or theft that occurs during the time they are working on the property. A customer might also suffer from bodily injury due to the equipment being used during renovation or construction activity. The right artisan contractor liability insurance plan will benefit you in these situations.

Artisan Contractor General Liability Insurance

artisan contractor's liability insurance policy

An artisan contractor liability insurance policy is the best defense for your business against any claims of property damage or bodily injury. Unfortunately, even if a fraudulent claim is filed, you must still defend your position and be responsible for associated legal costs. An artisan contractor liability insurance policy is exactly what you need to cover these costs.

Bodily Injury Coverage

If any of your artisan contractor employees causes physical injury to a customer, it may leave you open to a lawsuit for damages. Therefore, if your worker injures an individual while moving roofing materials, it would be to your benefit to have this insurance in place which will cover you if the victim decides to sue for damages.

Property Damage Coverage

Your employees are usually conducting specialized work at customer job sites, and this means they are around every customer’s property. If one of your workers is accused of damaging the customer’s property, this insurance will provide financial and legal coverage. For instance, if the employee floods a portion of property while installing fire sprinklers, the repair costs or legal fees will be covered. Your artisan contractor liability insurance coverage also includes damage that occurs on your business property.

Medical Payments Coverage

Minor accidents and injuries can happen more frequently than you think. If a customer trips and falls on a piece of equipment being used by your employees, the medical payments portion of the policy would cover the victim’s treatment costs and small medical expenses which can help you circumvent legal issues.

Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage

This term refers to character or reputation damage to a third-party. The injury can happen due to circumstances such as defamation, libel, slanderous statements and trademark or copyright infringement. If an injured party sues your artisan contractor business for damages, this insurance will cover you unless it is proven the damage was intentional.

Products and Completed Operations Coverage

Under this insurance, your artisan contractor business would be covered against claims of defective products or services your business provided. For instance, if during a renovation job you install an air conditioning unit that stops working a couple of weeks after the renovation project is complete, this insurance would cover repair costs.

Damage to Premises Rented to You Coverage

A landlord can hold you responsible for damages to your rented office space or facility if the damage was caused by someone in your company. For example, if your employees are moving heavy material and break a window, you would have to pay for the cost of repair. With this insurance, any unintentional damage would be covered. However, you would not be covered for damages to any of your own company assets under this section of the policy.

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