Woodworker Workers Compensation Risks

If you employ anyone as a woodworker, workers comp insurance is probably mandated by your state. It’s a good thing because a lot of things can happen to employees when they are working with precision tools and large blocks of wood.

There is always the potential for someone to accidentally get hurt and claim workers comp on the woodworker who employs him/her. The workers comp policy takes the worry off your shoulders because it prevents a tragic accident from escalating into a claim that could affect your personal assets and even your business. Woodworker workers comp insurance is an important part of your insurance program.

Woodworker Workers Compensation Insurance

important woodworker comp insurance

Workers comp insurance is a very comprehensive insurance policy. In most cases, it covers “every person in the service of another under any contract of hire, express or implied, oral or written”. The coverages are also very broad.

Medical Care

Woodworker's workers compensation insurance covers just about every conceivable medical care expense that could arise. For example it covers costs related to:

  • Transportation to an emergency room
  • Physician visits
  • All medications needed because of the injury
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Hospital charges

Additionally, the insurance covers any injured employee lost wages.

First Aid Treatment

If immediate first aid is required in your shop where an employee was injured, workers compensation insurance will reimburse you for any expenses incurred.

Temporary Disability

This is also called short-term disability and generally refers to a situation where the employee might be out of work for up to a year. If that’s the case, usually the employee’s salary will be paid until the disability ends.

Permanent Disability

This means that it is confirmed that the employer is no longer able to work at the job. In that case, the permanent disability amount is a percentage (usually two-thirds) of the employee salary at the time of the injury.

Vocational Rehabilitation

When it is decided that your employee can go back to work after undergoing rehabilitation related to the skills needed to do the job, s/he will go to vocational rehab. This is what athletes do when they get hurt in a game, get operated on, undergo rehab and eventually come back and play again.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

What this refers to is when an employee is deemed permanently unable to do their usual job but the employer does not offer other work. In that case, the employee would have to receive educational training or an enhancement of skills so another job could be procured. The benefit sometimes comes in the form of a voucher and covers tuition, books and other educational expenses.

Death Benefits

If your employee passes away from a compensable injury, dependents as defined by the state law, are entitled to weekly cash benefits. It is generally equal to two-thirds of the deceased workers average weekly wage during the year prior to the injury. Payments for funerals and other death benefits may also be a part of the policy.

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